Who is Aisha Atkins?

It might not be surprising to know about Aisha Atkins because we already know that she is the wife of American singer, rapper, and actor Jeffrey Atkins, professionally known as Ja Rule.

Aisha might not be a celebrity and popular artist like Ja Rule but she is a better mother and the best wife.

Being a strong lady, she was able to hold up her family and support his husband in the awful period of their lifetime.


When Ja Rule was in custody due to the gun possession and tax evasion, their daughter Britney became physically ill because of his custody.

Aisha stated-

“I was devastated, but I have to keep it together for our moms and for my children,” said Aisha. “It was hard in the beginning, but I just pulled myself together and did what I had to do.”

Anyway, the torture brought the family together with the good fortune, and now they are living a happier life.

And the family came with a reality show Follow The Rules.