Who Holds Gillian Anderson's Heart Now? A Peek into Her Formal Romance Partners

Gillian Anderson is a well-known actress who gained fame for her portrayal of Dana Scully in the popular TV series "The X-Files." Apart from her iconic role as Scully, she has also been recognized for her performances in various movies and TV shows. Some of her notable works include "The Fall," as well as her appearances in "The Last King of Scotland" and "Bleak House," which showcased her versatile acting skills. 

In her personal life, Anderson was previously married to Julian Ozanne and Clyde Klotz. Her talent and dedication to her craft have earned her a special place in the entertainment industry, making her a beloved figure among fans worldwide. Let's discover a bit more about her love life.

Current Relationship Status

Gillian Anderson is currently single and not in a relationship. She is dedicating her time and energy to her personal life and career. Instead of being romantically involved with anyone, she is concentrating on her well-being and pursuing her professional goals. This focus on herself allows her to fully immerse herself in her work and continue to excel in her acting endeavors. 

GillianGillian Anderson reading letter submissions SOURCE: Gillian Anderson @gilliana

There have been recent rumors suggesting that Anderson might have rekindled her connection with her ex-boyfriend, Peter Morgan, after three years of being apart. Reports surfaced when they were seen strolling together, holding hands, in London in February 2023. While it's apparent that they share a strong bond and have rekindled their friendship, the nature of their relationship remains uncertain. 

About Anderson's Last Marriage

Anderson's last marriage was to Julian Ozanne, and they were married from December 29, 2004, until July 24, 2007. Their wedding took place on the serene Shella island in Lamu, situated off the enchanting Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Interestingly, their journey to marriage had a unique twist. 

Originally, Anderson and Ozanne had planned to exchange vows during a safari ceremony in Kenya in September 2003, but a circumstance caused a delay of more than a year. The reason behind the delay was that the actress feared the terrorist attack, as mentioned in an article from IMDb News. It was during the safari adventure that they had initially met and formed a connection. 

Despite Anderson and Ozanne's promising start, the reasons behind their eventual divorce remain unclear. Their relationship took a different course over time, leading to the end of their marriage. The intricacies of their separation are known only to them, as they maintained their privacy throughout this period of change.

Previously Dated Peter Morgan

Gillian Anderson's last known relationship was the screenwriter, Peter Morgan, whom she dated from 2016 to 2020. Their connection began to blossom on the set of "Sex Education," where they first crossed paths in 2016. Interestingly, their relationship followed a unique path – they chose not to share a living space. 

PeterGillian Anderson's ex-boyfriend, Peter Morgan SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter YouTube Channel

Anderson shared her perspective, explaining that living separately was a key to their successful bond. She emphasized that their time together felt particularly special due to this arrangement. However, despite their intentional approach to their relationship, they eventually parted ways, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind their breakup. While the exact cause remains undisclosed, sources suggest that the demanding nature of their work commitments might have contributed to the end of their romantic journey together.

Who Was Anderson's First Husband?

Anderson's first husband was Clyde Klotz, and they were married from January 1, 1994, until February 1, 1997. Their wedding was unique and memorable, as they jetted off to Hawaii and exchanged their vows on the 17th hole of a picturesque golf course on New Year's Day in 1994. Their intimate ceremony only included themselves and the officiating minister. They wed in a Buddhist ceremony as mentioned in an article from The U.S. Sun. They also have a child together, Piper Anderson-Klotz.

Anderson and Klotz's love story took a heartwarming turn when he proposed to Gillian in an unexpectedly charming way. They were casually hanging out in Gillian's kitchen when a scene on the TV caught their attention. It featured a couple in bed, and as she recalls, the guy on the screen was proposing to the girl. Right then and there, he decided to seize the moment and popped the question to her. The serendipity of the situation and the genuine connection they shared made the proposal all the more special. Her instincts kicked in, and she knew deep down that this was the right step for their relationship.

Anderson shared a sweet anecdote about their wedding, mentioning that she and Klotz sent a letter to her parents with strict instructions not to open it until New Year's Day. Luckily, her mum had already met Clyde, and her dad was in good spirits that day, so their happiness added to the joy of the occasion. It's intriguing to note that their whirlwind romance led to a speedy marriage, as they had dated for just three months before deciding to take the momentous step of becoming husband and wife.

Briefly In A Relationship With Rodney Rowland

Anderson's romantic history includes a brief relationship with Rodney Rowland that lasted for several months from 1997 to 1998 (the same year Thandie Newton married Oliver Parker). Their connection blossomed while they were working together on the fourth season of the hit TV show, "The X-Files." Despite the relatively short duration of their relationship, their time together left an impression on both of them. 

RodneyRodney Rowland in a photoshoot SOURCE: Rodney Rowland Instagram @rodrowland11

Working closely on set might have deepened their bond, and Anderson and Rowland's shared experiences during that period likely contributed to the connection they felt. While their romantic involvement was fleeting, their professional collaboration and the memories they created together remain a part of her journey in the entertainment industry.

The Actress's Relationship With Mark Griffiths

Gillian Anderson's romantic history also includes a relationship with Mark Griffiths, which lasted from 2006 to 2012. Their story began when they met unexpectedly – as neighbors in the charming neighborhood of Notting Hill in London. He owned a wheel-clamping business at that time.

During their time together, Anderson and Griffiths welcomed two children into their lives, Oscar Griffiths and Felix Griffiths. The couple's journey was marked by shared experiences and the joy of parenthood, creating lasting memories for both of them. While their relationship eventually came to an end, the bond they created through their time together and the raising of their children remains an important chapter in the actress' life.

How Had Anderson Met Her First Husband?

Anderson and Klotz's path to love started on the set of the famous TV show "The X-Files,"  the show produced by Chris Carter. While it might not have been an instant spark, their connection grew over time. She fondly recalls their initial encounter, revealing that it wasn't necessarily love at first sight. What caught her attention was his warm smile – something that drew her in. 

In the beginning, Klotz came across as quiet, possessing a rugged and cool demeanor. However, as Anderson got to know him better, she discovered that he was not only intelligent but also had a lot to share. Their bond deepened as they spent time together, and their evolving relationship eventually led them down the path of becoming partners in both life and love.

Once Dated The Controversial Adrian Hughes

Gillian Anderson's romantic history includes a brief relationship with Adrian Hughes, also known as Adrian Griffiths, which lasted from 1996 to 1997. Notably, he was also associated with "The X-Files," sharing both a professional and personal connection with Gillian during that time. 

Unfortunately, Hughes faced serious legal troubles during this period, as he was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault involving other women. Reports indicate that he was sentenced to a two-year term at a 'Regional Health Centre' in British Columbia in 1999, though details about the case remain limited. Despite the controversy surrounding his actions, she has chosen not to publicly discuss or address this chapter of her past. 


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