Where is TV designer Hildi Santo-Tomas now? All about her disastrous designs and her married life with her husband

Nobody thinks Hildi Santo- Tomas could still be designing after all the bizarre, horridly superficial makeover’s she was responsible for during her time with Trading Spaces. She was openly the most hated designer of all in the show.

At times, home owners were left, not just unsatisfied with her, but some of them were disgusted by her imaginative notions.

She was the most unwanted of designers on the show’s long running history. She was known to have a strong vision for space and was not afraid to execute her over ambitious vision.

Heidi’s five most obstructing designs were one where she created a Mural mosaic of herself across a living room wall of a client. Just when we were under the impression that she was done with herself obsession she decorated a whole bathroom with over 7000 silk flowers stapled to the wall of the room.

Heidi, still feeling her imaginative prowess, took on a beach themed room which she went on to fill with sand and that was about it. She did paint the beach themed room in a circus theme, which completed the hideous project.

Hildi wanting to try some futuristic design with her designer skills created a room where she glued the furniture on the ceiling. She justified this attempt by calling it “Dancing on the Ceiling”.

After all of her canny designs, when we all were under the impression that Hildi was done for, she decided to decorate a living room by gluing hay over the walls of the room.

The home owners on seeing this were extremely dissatisfied and asked it to be removed immediately, which took about 17 man hours to do and all the reconstruction had to be paid by the production company themselves.

After all of her absurdities, now coming to her personnel life, Heidi married a French artist Etienne Fougeron who runs an art gallery in Paris, France. Her husband is known in the art world for his bohemian take on artistic visions.

The couple has been married for over twelve years. Hildi currently lives in Paris with her husband and has given up her profession as an interior decorator and moved on to where her passion always was: Flowers!! She is a florist and is prominent in France in many of the country’s Flower shows.

Hildi doesn’t have any children and she has mentioned she doesn’t have the time for them either. In her busy schedule, she actually never thought about it anytime. Hildi has never been featured in any movies on her long career as an interior decorator for TLC.

Hildi does use social networking sites, but isn’t active either on Twitter or on Instagram. She is of Cuban descent and her parent migrated from Cuba to USA before the 1950’s. Her estimated net worth is just under $1 Million.