What is the Net Worth of Author Jane Fallon? Find her Source of Income

April 26, 2018
First Published On: April 28, 2018
by Sam Smith

An English author and producer, Jane Fallon, who is married to Ricky Gervais, has added a lot to her net worth through her hard work and the books she has published. The couple together has a net worth in millions.


Today we are going to talk about the professional life of the author and the total sum of money she has earned from her writing career. So let's jump right into knowing the writer's earning and way of life.

Jane Fallon's Net Worth

As an author, Jane Fallon's net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 Million as of 2018. As we all know that she is married to American actor, Ricky Gervais, she also has the right to call her husband's worth hers. So, Ricky's total net worth of around $107.86 million or at least $50 million if we divide Ricky's income.  

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CAPTION: Jane Fallon with her husband Ricky Gervais SOURCE: The Times

The producer started her career in 1994 so in more than 20 years, she has given us extraordinary movies as well as astonishing books and achieved heights of success that many desire to have and also added a lot to her net worth. Further, all of her books have been able to receive a best seller recognition.

Jane Fallon's earning through books

As Jane started her career as a writer in 2007, till now she has given a total number of eight books. Almost all of her book are the best selling books on the market. Her first book Getting Rid of Matthew, was published in 2008 with a price of $3 in the paperback edition and $18 for the Kindle version. 

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CAPTION: Jane Fallon's book Getting Rid of Matthew SOURCE: Amazon

Likewise, her second book Got You Back, has been published in 2013. The price of the book is $10.92 in the Kindle version whereas $15.99 in the Hardcover version.

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CAPTION: Jane Fallon's book, The Ugly Sister SOURCE: Amazon

Her most famous book came out in 2011 with a price of $9.06 in the paperback edition and $10.92 for the Kindle version. Besides all this, her other book has also earned a good sum of money in the market.

Jane Fallon's house

As we all know that the writer is a married woman, she resides together with her husband. And as per some tabloids, her husband has a grand London mansion worth $14.01 million. The house includes eight bedrooms, three bathrooms, and four reception rooms.

CAPTION: Jane Fallon house SOURCE: Daily Mail

Not only that, the house also includes a large garden and a swimming pool. Well, it sure shows how luxuriously she is living as her husband is sure to do anything to make her happy.