Author and The Motivational Speaker Esther Perel's Married Life, Children, and Family Life

April 16, 2018
First Published On: April 16, 2018

The Belgian author and motivational speaker, Esther Perel has been living a happy life with her husband Jack Saul, who has a Ph.D. in Psychology. 


Today, we will be talking about the love life of the psychotherapist Esther Perel. She has been married to Jack Saul for a number of years now, and now get to know every possible information about her personal life.

Esther Perel and Jack Saul's Marital Life 

The Belgian-born author has been married to the man of her dreams, Jack Saul for more than 35 years now. Jack Saul is a psychologist specialized in collective trauma. The couple first met on the streets of New York when she went there for graduating school.

CAPTION: Esther Perel and Jack Saul SOURCE: Flickr

As we all know that the author is an expert in love, affection, sex, and such erotic desires that damage or patch up a relationship, she should have a happy relationship with her husband. As per an interview with The Cut, Esther says that her day begins with a good morning talk with her husband and then some chitchats about life. 

CAPTION: Esther Perel's husband Jack Saul SOURCE: Uniondocs

While surfing around her Instagram, we found out that Esther is particularly focused on her career. She helps the people in need and the couples that need counseling. Esther is actively present in the social media platforms but, most of her posts include the show of the works, not of the personal life. 

This might be taken as the author's unwillingness to share her private moments with other people. 

Esther Perel and Jack Saul's Children 

Esther Perel and her husband Jack Saul has been married for a long time now, even more than three decades.  

CAPTION: Esther Perel and Jack Saul's son SOURCE: Instagram

Well, the couple has given birth to 2 children, both sons. Both Esther and Jack have not let anything about their children slide out to the public eyes except that they are there!

According to Esther's own site, her oldest son is currently eight years' old and her younger son is currently enjoying at five years' of age. 

Well, Esther Perel and Jack Saul are currently living happily with their children as they understand each other and make their lives worth it.