What does football player Calais Campbell, look for in a girlfriend while dating?

Calais Campbell, the American football start, has spelled out a few things that he looks for in a girlfriend. The Arizona Cardinals defensive player, at the age of 29, has specific characteristics that he looks for in a girl while dating.

The backend NFL player has pointed out some qualities that he looks for in a girl. According to our sources, he has said that he likes a girl who is slightly taller than 5 feet nine inches in height. However, weight is not a big issue for him.

He has also pointed out that characteristics like being supportive, caring and loving as well as taking care of him and being a good mother are things a girl should have. Though he has given out his preferences, he is already dating his college sweet heart Rocio Sebhutau.

Calais feelings for Rocio Sebhutau

Sources say that he intends to propose to her soon and it may be because Ms. Future Campbell fulfills all the characteristics he looks for in a girl.

Calais had added that she has got the world’s prettiest similes and is very supportive of his career. They have already been calling themselves husband and wife for a long time now, even though they are not yet married

The couple met through a mutual friend in Calais charity as Rocio works for social discrimination against the Blacks.They instantly hit it off and sources add that the day after the charity event, they were seen hanging out.

They have been posting a lot about their relationships on social media, implying that they are not camera shy folks. They have a very good chemistry between them.

Calais has added that he cannot wait to get married as he sees a lot of happy married couples in his Arizona Cardinals team. Sources say that he intends to propose to Rocio on her birthday this coming March so they can have a lovely June wedding.

Calais's step to the professional career

Calais started his football career at the University of Miami as a freshman. He outperformed every defensive player in his team and was given majority of the starts in games.

Later on, he did have an injury during his junior year. But, he came back even stronger to win the college championship tournament in his senior year.

Campbell started his professional career when he was picked by the Arizona Cardinals in the Second Round Pick of the 2008 NFL Draft. He has been given regular starts and has been featured in many of the Cardinals wins. He is proving to be a key player for them.

According to the contract he signed with the Arizona Cardinals, he earns a salary of $5 million dollars per year and a bonus of $3 million dollars. He has a contract of $10 million dollars for five years with $5 million dollars guaranteed.

The impressive back end defensive player for Cardinals is valued at a net worth of $20 million dollars.