TV Personality Anne Hudson married Fred Andrews; are they planning for a baby?

July 6, 2017
First Published On: July 6, 2017
by HitBerry

Celebrities, love affairs often make gossips in the media. Their relation with other celebrities, break up, dates always makes the news. Even some of celebrities end their marriage life and move on.But there is marriage in Hollywood, which lasts longer despite the rumors of cheating partners.

TV personality Anne Hudson, the marriage never went on rough roads even after many years. If you are searching more about Anne Hudson, you are at the right place.

Anne Hudson married Fred Andrews

Anne Hudson got married to Fred Andrew a singer, songwriter and group leader of band HoneyBrowne. Andrew, himself is a professional songwriter and Anne comes from musical background.None of the sources have revealed, in which year they got married, maybe they don't want to make their personal life to be part of media.

Anne Hudson's Husband Fred Andrew, Source: amarilo

Hudson, 46 is a TV and radio personality out of Austin, Texas. Anne is currently working for the  Time Warner Cable News Austin & San Antonio. Anthe happiest moment of her career was when she bagged Alliance for Women in Media 'Best TV Personality' award in 2014.

Anne Hudson, Source: iheart

Apart from these, she Hudson also host a night show from 7 to midnight on 103.1 iHeart Austin.

Anne's got into the controversies when she and Sam Hunt released a video from the night show on iHeart show. They hugged, kissed and confirmed they made out in recent days. However, Hudson comforts her fans saying it was just for fun and that it was a playful act.

Andrew on other hand didn't pass any comment on her wife behavior. Would you be mad at your spouse when they do the same kind of act?

It looks like Andrew understands her wife, there are no rumors of fight or break up after that incident. In an interview,  Fred revealed he once insisted Hudson to sing on stage during the at MusicFest in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Anne Hudson, Souce: iheart

Some sources confirmed this couple is not planning to have a baby as their busy life continues. Andrew is focused on his band and Hudson is busy doing radios and TV shows. Anne Hudson fans are eager to hear a news of Hudson to start a family as she crossed 45. Well, we wish for Andrew and Hudson to have a happy life in upcoming days.