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Tour Book Author Rick Steves Divorce With Wife Anne Steves, Reasons For Divorce Revealed

February 9, 2018
First published on:February 17, 2017
by John

Are you planning to visit Europe? If so then your major thing to carry with you is a guidebook. You will be choosing the book which is reliable and contains much information. So, you can choose the book "Europe through the Back Door" written by Rick Steves.


Rick Steves is an American television personality and author who is completely focusing on European travel. You might have spotted him on television series "Rick Steves' Europe" and radio show "Travel with Rick Steves." Today, here we will be discussing the personal life of Rick Steves.

Tour Book Author Rick Steves Divorce with Anne Steves

Right before jumping off to their divorce, let's first discuss their marital life. Rick Steves married Anne Steves long before. The couple dated for a very long time but the exact information of their relationship has not been revealed yet.

Rick Steves and Anne Steves Rick Steves and Anne Steves

Rick Steves has faced many problems in his life just to reach his successful professional life. Among them, the biggest one is believed to be his divorce. Yes, Rick Steves got the divorce in the year March 2010.

Everyone has been attracted to their divorce topic. People are too keen to know the reason behind their divorce. What might have happened between the couple that they ended their so-called long-term marital relation? The reason behind their divorce has not been disclosed yet.

While interviewed on the separation issues, he claimed that it was just a "personal issues." We can predict that the reason behind the divorce is not a small one. It's something huge issues that the couple ended up their long-term marital life.

Neither Rick nor Anne has ever been talked about their divorce issues. The main reason behind hiding the problem might be to protect themselves from controversies and unwanted rumors. However, it's their personal life; they can do whatever they want.

Rick Steves's Children

Speaking of Rick Steves's children, the couple is blessed with two kids in total. Anne gave birth to their son, Andy Steves and their daughter Jackie Steves. After Rick's divorce with Anne, his son Andy Steves seems to have a good relationship with his dad. Also, he is following his father's footsteps, the footsteps of guide requesting people to ask their questions about the guide.

Rick Steves's Family Rick Steves's Family   Source: wptblog


Rick Steves with his son Andy Steves Rick Steves with his son Andy Steves    Source: king5

61 years old, Rick Steves did not involve in any relationships till today after his divorce. But some site like has claimed that he is dating Trish. He kept his personal life a low profile and did not speak up a single word regarding his dating or any affair.

Source: Instagram

[ CAPTION: Rick Steves ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

As Rick Steves and Anne Steves is too much secretive regarding their personal life, the main reason behind the divorce is still not revealed. However, they seem to be happy in their manner.


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