Top Five Celebrities Who has Insured their Body Parts for Millions

We all might be familiar with the term insurance which is for House, Car, business and our lives. But when it come to celebrities, they have stepped a little forward. It's because they insured their body parts, from their butts to teeth. We’ve compiled top five celebs who insured their body parts for million.


Well, powerful singing voice, smile, and quads come at a price and if in case anything happened to the insured part then they would be out a paycheck. So without any delay let’s just take a peek at the Hollywood stars who insured their body parts.

Five Celebrities who insured their body part for millions

5. Kylie Minogue: Butt

Do you know the lady with the gold hotpants? If no, then she is none other than Kylie Minogue. She wore it in the music video for her singles- Spinning Around in 2000.

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The gold hotpants that she wore, made the entire world to talk about her ass. And, reportedly she understood her butt was as precious as her voice. So, she insured her ass for $5 million.

4. Julia Roberts: Smile

This actress, Julia Roberts has insured her smile for $30 million after Julia’s smile became her trademark. Yes, after Notting Hill, with Hugh Grant, he joked that kissing Julia made an echo because of her big mouth and the smile elevated her to an international icon and star.

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3. Taylor Swift: Legs

It's a fact about Taylor Swift that she insured her legs for $40 million. The insurance will cover her if in case Taylor becomes injured on the stage; it would help her against getting ruined as it pays all the financial loss to the organizer for the canceled dates.

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CAPTION: Taylor Swift insured her leg for $40 SOURCE: BoredBug

2. Mariah Carey: Pins and Vocal chords

The ultimate diva of showbiz, Mariah Carey, is believed to have insured her pins and vocal chords for $35 million. As per the reports, she also has taken out the ditto pricey protection only for her lean leg by securing an eight-digit insurance policy. Not only in legs but also her voice is secured in an eight-digit insurance policy.

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CAPTION: Mariah Carey has insured her lean leg SOURCE: Cosmopolitan

1. David Beckham: Legs

The world's most iconic soccer star, David Beckham has the largest personal insurance policy in the history of sports. As it was so large that there were splits among the many insurance companies. As per the policy, it protects his precious parts like Leg, 10 toe and feet. He insured his leg, feet, and toes for $195 million.

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CAPTION: David Beckham insured his leg and ten toes for $195 SOURCE: Dailyhunt

So, they are top five celebrities who insured their body part for million. We hope that you enjoyed reading the article.