Tom Petty's wife Dana York; Know her Married Life and Relationship

Dana York Epperson better known as Dana Petty is the second wife of late music legend Tom Petty. Tom Petty met Dana York at one of his concerts in Texas. But the two weren’t destined to get together until after his first marriage of 22 years ended back in the date 1996.

When Tom Petty died on Oct. 2, he left behind Dana York in a devastating situation. Dana had a major impact on the musician’s life, and you can get to know Tom Petty's second wife  Dana York's married life and relationship better here.

Know about Dana York and Tom Petty’s first meeting

Before Dana York, Tom Petty was married to his childhood sweetheart Jane Benyo for more than two decades. Tom Petty first met Dana York at one of his concerts in Texas back in 1991 when he was still the husband of his first wife, Jane Benyo.

Tom Petty and his wife, Dana, in Paris. Tom Petty and his second wife Dana York in Paris, Source: Pinterest

However, In 1996, struggles with heroin and Tom's first wife Benyo’s mental sickness as well as threats of suicide led to the end of Tom and Jane’s marriage, and Dana’s divorce from her first husband was made final. Tom and Dana weren’t meant to get together until he divorced with Jane Benyo.

Tom and Dana’s marriage in Tom Petty Ceremony

After Tom and Dana’s reconnection, the iconic rock star and Dana got along romantically. On June 3, 2001, the duo tied the knot in an intimate Las Vegas ceremony.

Although Tom and Dana became official husband and wife on June 3, 2001, they had a much larger ceremony on 21st June that year. There wasn’t much of a honeymoon because the couple got married in between the first and second legs of a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tour.

Lifesaver: Petty credits second wife, Dana York, with saving him after sticking by Lifesaver wife Dana York with her beloved husband Tom Petty,  Source: Daily Mail

Tom admitted that the Vegas wedding was meant to “get the legal stuff out of the way,” while the subsequent reception at their home in Malibu was much larger officiated by rock legend Little Richard.

Tom Petty’s second wife, his life savior

There are points in every individual’s life where they’re examined, and that was certainly the same case in Tom’s life. Petty went through a struggle with heroin addiction, including hospitalization, depression, and frequent treatment, all with his girlfriend York by his side.

Know Tom’s frustration in his own words:

I had deep depression. I just had to find my way out of it. I had some good friends, and I had the music, and if I didn’t get myself together, I wasn’t going to be able to make it. I knew I had to make more music. I wasn’t ready to give up.

As per Petty, Dana York is the one who saved him. In spite of several ups and downs in his life, Tom and Dana were said to have fallen in love quickly, feeling as though their meeting was fixed at heaven.

Tom also added:

I’d stepped onto a fast-moving train, but we were having moments of tremendous happiness. Chaos and darkness and all this happiness at the same time.

Digging a little deeper into Tom's personal life, while Tom had two daughters with Jane, he never had children with Dana, although he did inherit a step-son when they got married.

Dana York Family

Tom Petty and Dana York do not have any children of their own together. However, they have a mingled family. Petty has two artist kids (daughters) from his first marriage, Adria Petty, a director, editor, and artist, and AnnaKim Violette, an artist. Dana York has a son, Dylan from her earlier marriage and together they are a blessed family.

Tom Petty speaks onstage during the Songwriters Hall Of Fame 47th Annual Induction Music legend Tom Petty speaking on-stage                                       Source: KTLA

Dana sees to go after what he loves and finds a way to make that work for her because of which she is a happy woman, a happy mom and probably a happy wife of late Tom.