The Walking Dead' actor Steven Yeun earns Good Salary From His Movie Career; Know his Net Worth and Earnings

One of the most loved The Walking Dead' actor, Steven Yeun has been raking up a huge value of net worth since his start as an actor in the Hollywood industry. 


It is a hard thing for Asian actors to make a huge impact on the Hollywood industry. But, Steven has not only made a huge impact on the industry but also made it possible for other actors to take inspiration from him. As a successful actor, he earns a decent amount of money. So, today, it's all about his earnings from his movies. Also, we will discuss in brief about his lifestyle.

The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun's Net Worth

Hard work and passion for acting has led The Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun to earn a lot of success from his career. With success, he has also racked up a huge sum of money. As per some tabloid sources, Steven Yeun's net worth is around $4 million. 

CAPTION: Steve Yeun shoot for Glass Magazine SOURCE: Instagram

The actor earned the seven-figure amount with his movies and TV shows. The actor doesn't only earn from his filming career. He has also given his voice in a couple of video games such as Crysis and DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles.

Besides that, the Screen Rant also suggests that the actor is the major investor of his younger brother's Korean and Mediterranean fusion restaurant, The Bun Shop

Steven Yeun's Earnings from Movies

The Korean-American actor Steven Yeun has been famous for his role in the AMC's drama series, The Walking Dead as he portrayed the supporting role of Glenn Rhodes in the series.

Apart from his appearance in that TV series, he has also appeared in many other telefilms such as Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Troll Hunters, and many more. 

CAPTION: Steve Yeun alongside other voice artists for Voltron SOURCE: The Geeko

Let's look at the box office earnings of some of his movies. His most famous film is the I Origins which earned a total of $475,591 at the box office. He has played in a total of 11 movies till now, but none of the movies' earnings are known to us. He has appeared in a lot of short films such as the Carpe Millennium and Blowout Sale

CAPTION: Steven Yeun in Carpe Millennium SOURCE: IMDB

Well, Steven Yeun has been able to earn a lot of cash through his hard work. He currently lives with his wife, Joana Pak and his son, Jude Malcolm Yeun.