The Art of Love: Exploring Anjelica Huston's Relationship Timeline

Anjelica Huston is a famous American actress who became famous for playing Morticia Addams in the movie "The Addams Family." You might also remember her from other popular movies like "The Witches," "The Grifters," and "Ever After: A Cinderella Story." She's been in many fantastic films, and her performances are always memorable. 

Huston faced a tough time when her ex-husband, Robert Graham, passed away. It's never easy to lose someone you were once close to. Her personal life has also been in the spotlight because she once dated the legendary actor Jack Nicholson. Their relationship was widely talked about in the media and added an interesting chapter to her life story. 

Huston Is A Single Woman

Anjelica Huston is currently living a single life, and she values her privacy a lot. She's someone who enjoys a peaceful and low-key existence, and she has made a conscious decision to keep most details of her personal life under wraps. In a world where celebrities often share so much, her choice to maintain her privacy is respectable. 

AnjelicaAnjelica Huston in an interview on CBS This Morning SOURCE: CBS Mornings YouTube Channel

However, in a 2013 interview with Larry King, Huston openly shared a bit about her personal life. She mentioned that she wasn't currently in a romantic relationship and wasn't actively seeking one either. This statement reflects her independent and self-reliant nature, as she seems content with her life just the way it is. 

Married To Her Husband Till His Death

Huston was married to her husband, Robert Graham, until his passing. They tied the knot on May 23, 1992, in Los Angeles County. Their marriage marked a significant chapter in the actress' life, and it was clear that they shared a special bond. The two remained husband and wife for 16 years till his tragic death.

Robert and Huston's story of how they met is quite sweet. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend during Gay Pride weekend. It's one of those moments in life when chance and friendship come together to create something beautiful. 

The Death Of Anjelica's Husband

Robert, sadly passed away on December 27, 2008, while at the Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. He was 70 years old at the time. To honor his life and legacy, his funeral took place at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, a place that held a special connection to him. 

RobertAnjelica Huston and her late husband, Robert Graham SOURCE: Sotheby's YouTube Channel

The cathedral featured bronze doors that Graham himself had created, showcasing his artistic talent and his contribution to the community. His final resting place is in the Crypt Mausoleum of the same cathedral, a fitting tribute to a man whose work and presence continue to be remembered and appreciated.

A Bit Of Information About Late Robert Graham

Robert Graham was not just Huston's husband. He was also a renowned sculptor known for his significant contributions to public art. In Los Angeles, his artistic touch left a lasting mark with creations like the striking bronze doors for the Music Center in the year Meryl Streep married Don Gummer, i.e. in 1978 and the intriguing sculpture called the "Olympic Gateway" at the Memorial Coliseum, which became a notable feature during the 1984 Olympics. 

Graham is also responsible for the "Great Bronze Doors," an impressive entryway adorned with an angel, which he crafted for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in 2002. His creative talents extended beyond cityscapes. One of his most cherished achievements was undoubtedly the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C. 

In addition to his remarkable achievements as a sculptor, Hudson dabbled in the world of acting as well. He took on roles in several movies, showcasing his versatility and creativity in a different form of art. He has worked in films such as "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou." He also appeared in movies like "Yorick," "The Krone Experiment," and "God Thinks You're a Loser." 

Had A High-Profile Relationship With Jack Nicholson

Anjelica Huston's relationship with Jack Nicholson was quite high-profile and garnered a lot of attention from the public and the media. Their love story was anything but ordinary, spanning more than a decade, a total of 17 years to be precise. It was a relationship marked by its on-and-off nature, with its fair share of ups and downs.

JackAnjelica Huston and her ex-lover, Jack Nicholson SOURCE: Pinterest

Back in 1973, the love story of Huston and Nicholson began in quite a memorable way. They crossed paths at a party hosted at Jack's place, where he welcomed her with a warm smile. It was one of those chance encounters that changed the course of your life. The actress's recollection of that night, shared in her 2013 memoir "Watch Me," adds a touch of nostalgia to their story. 

However, by 1990, after almost two decades of togetherness marked by their share of highs and lows, the couple decided to part ways for good. The final goodbye was undoubtedly a tough decision for both of them. The reason behind their breakup was Nicholson's involvement with Rebecca Broussard, marking a turning point in their lives. Such moments of separation can be profoundly challenging, especially when you've shared so much of your life with someone.

The Story Of Cheating, Forgiveness And Physical Violence

Nicholson's actions during his relationship with Huston were far from perfect. There were instances of infidelity that shook the foundation of their love. For example, he even canceled their first official date, leaving the actress disappointed. 

However, the real test came when Huston bumped into Nicholson at a restaurant on the very night he was with his ex-girlfriend. It's a situation that would have left many people feeling hurt and betrayed, but she decided to continue with their relationship despite the rocky moments. 

When Anjelica discovered that Jack had cheated on her with yet another woman, their relationship took a sharp turn. The revelation of his infidelity didn't come through a private conversation; rather, she learned about it through a Playboy article, which must have felt like a painful betrayal. 

Huston surprised Jack at his office at Paramount Pictures. According to The US Sun, she recounted, "I caught him off guard as he was coming out of the bathroom." She vividly recalled the encounter, saying, "I don't think I kicked him, but I went at him fiercely, hitting him repeatedly around the head and shoulders. He was trying to dodge and protect himself, and I was throwing punches at him like a professional boxer in the ring."

Anjelica Has Been In Some Bizzare Relationships

Anjelica Huston's romantic journey has indeed been quite intriguing. At one point, she dated the actor James Fox, when she was only 17 years old and their relationship had its share of unusual twists. It is also known that she used to skip school and visit Fox at his home.

However, things took a surprising turn when Anjelica realized that James was actually in love with his girlfriend. This realization must have been quite a shock, and it ultimately led to the end of their relationship. 

Anjelica's relationship with celebrity photographer Bob Richardson, when she was only 18 and he was 42, was certainly a rollercoaster ride. Bob faced some significant mental health challenges, grappling with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. This made her life miserable and she even slashed her wrist in desperation at one point, as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail.

There's another incident where Richardson threw a bottle of tequila at her and caused a chaotic mess with her belongings. His hurtful comment about her not being a "real woman" because she wasn't pregnant must have been deeply painful for the actress.

In an attempt to escape the stress and strain of their relationship, Richardson and Anjelica decided to take a break and went to Mexico, once. However, their getaway took a harrowing turn when they found themselves in a dangerous situation with the police, narrowly escaping a life-threatening encounter. This near-death experience, no doubt, left her shaken, so, she decided to leave the relationship.

Victim Of Physical Abuse From Ryan O'Neal

Anjelica Huston's relationship with Ryan O'Neal from 1978 to 1979 was marred by a distressing incident of physical abuse. It happened at a Hollywood party in a Beverly Hills house during the 1970s, as recounted by the actress herself. During this troubling episode, he, in a fit of anger, turned violent towards her. He grabbed her by the hair and struck her forehead with the top of his skull. Such acts of aggression are deeply distressing and unacceptable in any relationship.

Understandably, this traumatic incident became a turning point in their relationship. Huston made the courageous and essential decision to break up with O'Neal. Her choice to prioritize her well-being and safety serves as a stark reminder that no one should tolerate abuse, no matter their status or the circumstances. 


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