68 Years Old American Actress Meryl Streep is Enjoying Married Life With Husband Don Gummer since 1978; Know their Married Life and Children

An American actress, Meryl Streep, who has a total net worth of $90 million from her career, has been married to Don Gummer since 1978 and still going strong together.


The 68-year actress, Meryl Streep who started her career at the age of 22, has earned lots of name and fame through her hard work and dedication in Hollywood. We don't have to speak much about her professional life. We will discuss her personal life in this section as she has already spent four decades with husband, Don Gummer. So let's get to know the reason behind their long-lasting relationship.

Meryl Streep married Don Gummer

The 68 years' Actress, Meryl Streep married the sculptor Don Gummer in 1978. After her longtime partner, John Cazale passed away from lung cancer, she had no one to cry to. She had known Don from her brother as he was her brother's friend. 

CAPTION: Meryl Streep wedding day picture with Don Gummer SOURCE: Stylist

Hence, she turned to Don for support. While filming for the movie, Kraver vs. Kramer, she stayed at Gummer's apartment. After six months of her partner's demise, she married Don at the garden of Streep's parent's home.

Even after all these years, the couple is still in love with each other. All these 40 years of marriage and they are still together! 

CAPTION: Meryl Streep kissing her husband, Don Gummer SOURCE: Giphy

Meryl Streep's Children

The pair together has four children. Just after a year of their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child as a son, Henry Wolfe in 1979. He is known to the public as a popular singer. Besides singing, he is also involved in acting and writing songs.

CAPTION: Meryl Streep with her son Henry Wolfe SOURCE: Pinterest

They welcomed their second child as a daughter Mamie in 1983. Like her mother, she is also a well-known actress as she has appeared in different series and movies. Her third child, a daughter, Grace who was born in 1986 is also an actress.

CAPTION: Meryl Streep's daughter Mamie SOURCE: emyspot

Meryl's fourth child was also born as a daughter, Louisa in 1991. She is also a renowned model in America. With all this, we can say that all of Meryl's children have chosen their own way of life, so there is not much to worry about for the beautiful actress. 

CAPTION: Meryl Streep with her husband Don Gummer and their children SOURCE: Pop Sugar

Top 10 Facts of Meryl Streep

1.  Meryl Streep' birth name is Mary Louise Streep.
2. She was born on June 22, 1949, in New Jersey.
3. She is the daughter of Mary Wilkinson Streep and Harry William Streep.
4. Meryl started her career as an Opera singer.
5. Meryl Streep's net worth is $90 million but some also say that she has $45 million.
6. Her ex-partner John Cazale died in 1978.
7. She is also the godmother to the actress, Billie Lourd, daughter of actress Carrie Fisher.
8. Meryl is the record holder for the most Academy Awards nominations as of 2018. 
9. In Into the Woods, she sang all of her songs live. 
10. She has also worked as a waitress during her college days.