Televison Personality Lou Dobbs sucess: Find about his married life and divorce rumours

HitBerryPublished on   09 Dec, 2016Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

Television Personality Lou Dobbs is a well known CNN and FOX News personality with a great career in media journalism but has a horrendous personal life. The TV news personality who is also famous for his xenophobic views on Mexicans and as a strong speaker for supremacist lifestyle is recently on the pinpoint of media for his recent divorce action against his second wife Lourdes Mercedes Alonzo Gutierrez. 

So, on today's column we are going to discuss his personal life and failed marriage and by the end of this topic, we will disclose who is he dating now. The CNN personality has been in two failed relationship and has six children from his previous two marriages.

The whole family is shaken up by his decision of getting a divorce and some of his critics are pointing the action filed by a reporter as a media scapegoat for his lued behavior of having another woman in his life.

First marriage with Kathy Wheeler

Lou Dobbs married his long time lover and high school sweetheart after dating her for a couple of years in 1969, The couple invited their first son in 1970. The couple remained in the married relationship for more than a decade but they got a divorce in 1981.



In 80's the reporter was linked with CNN and was busy traveling and reporting which made it difficult for the couple to carry on in their relationship which looks like the primary reason for their separation.

Re-married to Debi Lee Roth-Segura 

Lou Dobbs married in his life for second time with Debi Lee Roth and the couple are married for about three decades. The couple also has five wonderful grown up children. But the recent development on this marriage is as shocking as it could be. The Radio show host and Journalist for Fox news have filed a divorce action after so many years of their married life. The reason for divorce according to his assistant is Debi's Mexican nationality.

Funny, isn't it? Lou Dobbs, a married man for forty years, found out that his wife he married in Mexico City in a Catholic Mexican ceremony is indeed, Mexican and upon learning of such news demanded a divorce. The news has shocked all of his family members including his six grown up children Jose, Jaime, Jesus, Jorge,  Jimenez, Faustino, and Heather.

He is rumored to be dating mysterious women

He has not outed the name of his secret lover officially but we have a solid proof about his recent Paramore. And another funny thing about the women he is dating is Technically she is also an outsider. The new women in his life are reported to be  Ruxandra R?sescu who he dated in Bucharest.


The all-American new lady is reported to be born from Romanian parents but at least she was born in The States which is enough of the reasons to lower the stereotypical guards of Dobbs perhaps.

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