Lou Dobbs Tonight host, Lou Dobbs wanted to divorce his wife?

HitBerryPublished on   21 Mar, 2016Updated on   07 Mar, 2018

Does "Lou Dobbs Tonight" host, Lou Dobbs want to divorce his wife? Let us check out the latest news feed.


There is a news that Dobbs wants to divorce his wife Debi Lee Roth-Segura, after finding out she is a Mexican.

Strange! Isn’t it? What do nationality and ethnicity have to do with love and marriage? But it seems it sure matters to Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs says he was fooled by her ‘Mexican gypsy trickery’ to Unreasonably Safe Observer.

CNN show host and staunch immigration critic Dobbs have reportedly filed for divorce from his wife Segura.

The news dropped like a bomb to Debi and their four children. According to them, they have never expected he would do such a thing even the disgraceful thing is the reason he gave behind the divorce.

In a brief phone interview with Unreasonably Safe Observer, Debi said, “I had no idea we were even having problems, I mean Lou kissed me before leaving to work this morning and then two hours later I get a call from his attorney telling me he’s considering filing for divorce”.


 It is really shocking, isn’t it? I wonder how Debi must be feeling.

Apparently, sources close to Dobbs claim that he is contemplating filing for divorce after discovering his wife’s ‘secret’ Mexican heritage. A longtime producer of Dobbs’ show, who asked not to be identified for this report says the CNN host is outraged but says he only has himself to blame.

The producer said, “I mean all of us at the show thought he knew, you know… that Deb was Mexican. Which is why we always found it kinda weird that he was super anti-Mexico and everything.”

He further adds “he said he couldn’t believe he fell for her Mexican lies, but in my opinion, I don’t think Debi ever tried to hide her heritage. I just don’t know how someone doesn’t notice something like that, I mean seriously, all the clues were there: Deb took ‘Cinco De Mayo’ a little too seriously not to be Mexican, she’s always cooked awesome Mexican food, and she even spoke Spanish to all four of their kids, Juan, Julio, Consuela, and Miguelito.”

The producer further said that Dobbs could not be reached for comment because according to his personal assistant, Dobbs was at the hospital being checked up for Leprosy.

So guys! Stay connected there is more to come.

After the news came on board, it went like a wildfire. He has been criticized by many viewers especially Mexicans for being biased. According to them, Dobbs just used the nationality as a scapegoat for getting a divorce from his wife. He got to have another reason.

This television personality has a net worth of approximately $10 million.