Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans New Stories From Off The Grid Adventures Water Island In St. Thomas

Teen Mom 2 Star Jenelle Evans struggling with her new YouTube show called “Off the Grid Adventure Water Island” and has released new snaps. After her husband David Eason was fired by MTV, cameras stop rolling on her like before.


Jenelle Evans is recently dealing with a new show on YouTube and keeps on promoting on her Instagram to her followers. She has unfolded new stories on her social page sharing two years vacation in St. Thomas.  

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Her new drama might be plan B to her future career after leaving reality TV show Teen Mom 2. The controversial teen mom has launched her own vlog on 16 March 2018. She has titled it episode 1 which she concluded more to come from an unforgettable trip.   

“Old forts, golf carts, wild sharks, secret beach?! About years ago we went to water Island in St. Thomas” she wrote on Instagram.  Though we are not clear why she will film it two years ago and save it and released in such way. Did she actually predict future and save it for later?

The adventure includes her husband and children. Moreover, her new show will be fun and substitute who wants to see Jenelle and David together as there are no chances in MTV anymore.

There are rumors Jenelle might be fired to join her husband full time in their brand new show. After David was fired the camera has stopped to film her and she demands MTV to role her more. MTV refused to accept her demand and is in dilemma to remove her or try to work out something useful for her.