Stormy Daniels Files New Law Suit Against Her Former Lawyer Addressing Him A ‘Puppet’ Of Trump And Cohen

Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels calls her old attorney Keith Davidson President Trump ‘Puppet’ and files a new lawsuit against him including Trump Personal Lawyer Michael Cohen.


Stormy Daniels on Wednesday claimed her former attorney Keith Davidson of conspiring with Trump’s personal lawyer, saying, Keith, a ‘puppet’ for President Trump who “hatched a plan” with Michael Cohen to “manipulate” her and benefit Trump by putting a lid on reports of Trump infidelities.

The adult star files a lawsuit on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court demanding copies of every communication in between Trump’s lawyer and her old attorney. Among 2 one, Cohen working for President negotiated a deal that he earlier paid Daniels $130k few days before the 2016 election to keep her silence upon her alleged affair with Trump.

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Cohen is under federals investigation for arranging hush money while Davidson is accused of secretly cooperating with Cohen, which he clearly denied to accept.

This complaint is a shiny object to distract from the allegation made against him regarding bankruptcy,” says Gene Rossi, who is one of the Davidson attorneys. “It’s just an effort to distract from the slings and arrows pointed at him.”

A text message on January 17 shows Cohen desperately trying to reach Davidson to discuss Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford about her going on Hannity’s show on Fox.