Soccer coach/manager Sam Allardyce, age 61, extremely worried about his team, Sunderland's performance

Sam Allardyce, who is popularly known as “Big Sam“, by fans has shared his growing discontent with the way his team has been performing. Their performance might see them being relegated from the league come season end.

Sam, in a recent interview, expressed severe dissatisfaction with the way his clubs has been performing in recent matches. He also said he is beginning to get worried about the five point gap he has with his informal rivals, who each have won their last three games.

He also said the team’s current second last position in the league, with just twelve points, has been very alarming for him and the management. Even fans have shown their fear of relegation. Nevertheless, they continue to support Sam.

Sam had begun his managerial spell at the club with a win, which showed a new optimism in a team that had begun to lose their morale. He continued his spell by averaging a point per game and managed to secure draws in difficult fixtures.

However, the last three games have all been losses for the team, which has led him to find a new outlook for the season and the team come 2016. Sam has yet to face his most difficult task this season. His next two fixtures are against Manchester City and Liverpool, both teams are among the best in the league this season.

Sam also has been showing discontent with the performances from his players. He had to substitute in the first twenty minutes of the game against Chelsea, a move which is rare in premier league. He went on to make another change during the half time.

Reports from the club have suggested that a few players have been facing communication problems with Sam. Sam who has just spent two and a half months at the club has said he has begun thinking long and hard about his side’s chances to remain in the league this season.

He has also gone on and blamed the players individually for their poor performance in recent games.  His most public conflict came with player Jermain Lens, who had been failing to take part in running exercises with the team.  Lens was dropped for a game later and was fined £100,000 pounds by the team upon Sam’s advice.

However, Sam has said he still has many more tricks up his sleeve and will fight till the last match for his team’s survival in the league. Fans believe him and continue to show their undying support toward him, mainly because Sam has proved his word one too many times in the past.

Sam is 61 years of age and is one of the oldest mangers in the league at the moment. Sam is also a popular figure among soccer fans on social net working platforms like Twitter. He boasts 30 K followers.

Sam makes an average salary of $3 million pounds through his contract.