Shay Mitchell's Love Journey: Unveiling Her Husband and Boyfriend Chronicles

Shay Mitchell, the Canadian actress, has captured the hearts of many with her incredible acting skills. You might recognize her as Emily Fields from the drama series "Pretty Little Liars," where she brought the character to life with her charm and talent. 

Mitchell and her boyfriend Matte Babel are like a real-life fairy tale. Their love story began in 2017, and since then, they've been inseparable. As the years go by, their relationship only seems to get stronger, leaving us all rooting for this wonderful couple and the happiness they bring into each other's lives.

A Love Journey with Matte Babel

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel's love journey is like a beautiful story unfolding. They've been together since 2017, and the world first caught wind of their romance in January of that year. It's like a sweet secret they kept for a few months before sharing it with everyone. 

MatteShay Mitchell and her partner, Matte Babel SOURCE: Matte Babel Instagram @mattebabel

The details of the first date add an extra touch of charm to Mitchell and Babel's love tale – imagine the excitement of that initial meeting at a place called the Village Idiot restaurant. Their relationship is a delightful mix of love, laughter, and shared moments.

From Friendship to Forever

Mitchell and Babel's love story had its roots in a beautiful friendship. Their connection didn't just start when they began dating. They were buddies in Toronto long before romance came into the picture. They started as two friends navigating the streets of Toronto, sharing laughter and building a bond that would later turn into something extraordinary. 

The actress' friendship with Matte blossomed over nine years. It proved to be a solid foundation that laid the groundwork for a deeper connection. 

Parents To Two Daughters

Shay and Matte have ventured into the beautiful world of parenthood, becoming proud parents to two adorable daughters, Atlas Noa Babel and Rome Babel. The family got a little bigger when Atlas made her debut on October 8, 2019, bringing immense joy to her parents. 

AtlasShay Mitchell's daughters, Atlas Noa Babel and Rome Babel SOURCE: Shay Mitchell Instagram @shaymitchell

Fast forward to May 2022, and the Babel family welcomed another bundle of joy, Rome, making their household even more lively. Shay, being the doting mom that she is, loves to share glimpses of their precious family moments on her Instagram. 

What Do We Know About Mitchell's Boyfriend?

Matte Babel is not just Shay's loving partner. He also plays a key role in the world of entertainment. He serves as the Chief Brand Officer of DreamCrew, a cool gig that's connected to none other than his longtime friend, Drake. DreamCrew is not just any company; it's the Canadian rapper's management company and entertainment group, making his role quite a big deal. 

Babel is a man of many talents, and his journey in the entertainment world has taken him to various exciting places. Before diving into his current role as Chief Brand Officer at DreamCrew, he showcased his charisma as a host on MuchMusic, a Canadian cable specialty channel. He has also worked as a co-host on CP24 Breakfast and as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight Canada, as reported in People.

Past Love Life And Rumors

Jimmy Butler

Shay Mitchell and professional basketball player Jimmy Butler once had tongues wagging with rumors of a potential romance. The buzz started in 2016 when they were seen on numerous occasions enjoying each other's company in the trendy Beverly Hills area. 

Jimmy Jimmy Butler in one of his matches SOURCE: Jimmy Butler YouTube Channel

Rumors kicked into high gear when snapshots of Shay and Jimmy sharing lunches surfaced, sparking a whirlwind of speculation. However, amidst all the gossip and speculation, both of them played it cool and kept things under wraps as they never officially confirmed their relationship.

Ryan Silverstein

Mitchell and Ryan Silverstein once shared a chapter of their lives that unfolded from 2013 to 2014. Their story began in the bustling city of Los Angeles, where they crossed paths through mutual friends, adding a touch of serendipity to their connection. 

The duo was a regular sight at social events, with cozy snapshots from places like Lakers games capturing the essence of their time together. Despite the public attention, Shay and Ryan chose to keep most details of their relationship hush-hush, adding an air of mystery to their time as a couple.

Jacob Artist 

Shay and Jacob Artist in the world of whispers and speculations, once found themselves at the center of dating rumors back in late 2014. Their appearances together at various events had fans buzzing with excitement, hoping for a blossoming romance. 

JacobShay Mitchell's rumored ex-boyfriend, Jacob Artist SOURCE: Jacob Artist Instagram @jacobartist

Mitchell and Artist had worked together on the TV show "Glee," where the actress had a small role. The on-screen connection seemed to spill over into real life, at least according to the rumors swirling around. However, the mystery remained unsolved, as neither of them officially confirmed the dating speculations.

Keegan Allen

Ah, the drama of on-screen romance spilling into real life! In the enchanting world of "Pretty Little Liars," Shay Mitchell and Keegan Allen found themselves at the center of dating rumors back in 2012. It was like a plot twist in the script of their lives. 

Shay, known for her role as Emily Fields, and Keegan, who played Toby Cavanaugh in the show, not only shared the small screen but also sparked whispers of a romantic connection off-screen. The chemistry between them on the show seemed to transcend into real life, making fans wonder if there was something more brewing behind the scenes but sadly, their wish ended up being not true. 

What Is Mitchell's View On Getting Married?

Shay is all about doing things her way when it comes to love. Despite having a wonderful and long-lasting relationship with Matte Babel, the idea of getting married isn't on the actress's immediate agenda. She appreciates the term "partner" to describe their connection, emphasizing the shared journey they're on together. 

Mitchell is candid about Matte occasionally calling her his wife, but the official title of marriage isn't something she's eager to embrace shortly. It's like they've crafted their unique love story, one that doesn't necessarily follow the traditional script. 

Shay is refreshingly open about her take on marriage, expressing that while she never says "never" to anything, the traditional idea of a big wedding never really appealed to her. Drawing inspiration from her parents' long-lasting relationship, she emphasizes that a piece of paper, a grand celebration, or a ring isn't what she believes would validate the love she shares with Babel. 

Mitchell highlights the evolving trend of people getting married at older ages, acknowledging the importance of personal growth and self-discovery in one's 20s. She values the concept of developing a strong sense of self before entering into a committed relationship, viewing it as a key factor in the success of her relationships. She envisions celebrating the journey and achievements, and not conforming to societal norms but rather choosing a path that feels right for them. 

The Actress Relationship Advice

Shay Mitchell has shared some valuable relationship advice, especially for those grappling with relationship anxiety. With honesty and empathy, she admits that she has experienced sleepless nights worrying about her relationships. However, she emphasizes the importance of living in the present and not letting anxiety about the future overshadow happiness, as reported in The Everygirl

Shay's perspective is refreshingly grounded, as she acknowledges that if challenges arise in her relationship, she'll deal with them at that moment. She advocates for a mindset that prioritizes personal happiness and the happiness of one's partner. Her wisdom shines through as she encourages letting go of the need to control others, understanding that true love involves wanting the best for someone, even if it means their happiness doesn't align with yours. 


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