Seth Carr “Young Killmonger” Was Paid $1k A Day For Black Panther, Now He Believe He Is A Marvel Dude Where His Parents Still Marvel Nerds

March 19, 2018
First Published On: March 19, 2018
by arjun

Black Panther film paid Seth Carr playing as Young Killmonger $1k for a single day. His parents always believe he will be appointed for the movie role.


Marvels always knew that Black Panther will be a billion-dollar movie as they paid handsome money to Carr to appear for few minutes in the movie. He was hardly seen in the movie but his performance was appreciating.

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Young Killmonger is also popularly known for casting in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Young Holt and other show like Superstore, Code Black.

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10-year-old Carr played Michael B. Jordan childhood character in the film and the surprising thing is he was paid one grand for one day learned by TMZ.  

Actually, we are unclear for how many days he was on the set but he received around $7,654 with future residuals. It is really an impressive sum of money for casting in such short clip.

The guy who calls himself a marvel dude and parents marvel nerd is happier for accepting his role than his earning. Looks like, he was craving to do Black Panther. He said, “it started even before two years and my parent were like you will definitely get the audition and I didn’t believe them but today I realized they were always right.”

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He continued working in the movie was collecting more new experiences for me and it’s really great to be in this position.