See Henry DiCarlo's net worth in detail. Know about his career

The weatherman and newscaster, as well as live broadcaster Henry Dicarlo's net worth, is always the issue people eager to know about. Let's get on to know his net worth in detail along with his career and awards.

South California-born Henry DiCarlo is an AMS meteorologist and sportscaster for the KTLA 5 Morning News from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. The 63-years-old Henry achieved a lot in his life with his extra-ordinary works in the news channel.

Henry DiCarlo's net worth

Meteorology has always been Henry's interest since a longtime. According to his biography, he earned his meteorology degree from Mississippi State University and also has a communications degree from California State University, Fullerton.

Before he became a sportscaster, he was a salesman for the Fuller Brush Company while attending Villa Park High School. He worked as a door-to-door salesman on the streets of Orange, Santa Ana and Tustin.

He also worked in Seattle, Salt Lake City and Palm Springs before coming to Los Angeles station. DiCarlo has spent nine years as a meteorologist at Los Angeles TV stations working first at KCBS before jumping to KTLA in 2010. He also makes a birthday announcement on KTLA morning weather show.

And his hardships have totally paid him off as he is now a renowned newscaster in a popular KTLA channel. He is quite active on social media and has Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where fans can follow him. More than 12.7 thousand people follow him on Twitter and and over 65 thousand people follow him on Facebook.

Henry is a successful person and his net worth is somewhat close to six figures by the estimation. He also gets handsome amount of salary from the beginning of his career.

Because of how far he has gained success, his people also thinks that he made a right choice choosing the path he has been working for so many years.

Currently, he lives with his wife Lisa in Yorba Linda with their two children, sons; Henry III and Jack. They are living blissfully vacationing now and then including sports and volunteering for animal-related issues.

Let's move on to know more about the journey throughout his career.

Henry DiCarlo's career

On a surprising note, Henry had dreamed of becoming an architect while he was in a high school. Later, his interest driven towards meteorology more and thus he started working as a weather forecaster for many years.

Before making his dream come true, he struggled in the beginning. He was a door-to-door salesman and worked several places.

No matter how far you go in life, never forget where you came from. In the same way, Henry credits his first hardship which is a job of salesman while studying in Villa Park for his successful career. Here's what he said about is first job;

“When I look back at Orange and Villa Park, those are the times that molded me into the person that I am today, And I’m proud of that.”

Everyone faces difficulties during their work and Henry also had a bitter experience. Los Angeles TV once asked to give the regular morning weather report after he interviewed a local Salvation Army volunteer.

He abruptly storm off the camera which was actually live and lots of controversies were build after that.