Sean Hannity's Wife Jill Rhodes Net worth, Salary, and Career

Jill Rhodes worked as a columnist for the Huntsville Times. She is an American celebrity wife. the present status of her professional life is still yet to be known. But then again from all the update of media/ social sites, she has been seen doing some charity work.

Jill has been looked in social sites due to her husband, Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity is a well-known talent in the American news industry. Sean revealed that he is lusting for other women other than his better half.

Jill and Sean have been married for over 20years. Jill has kept her life out of social sites and is rarely found using any social media. It seems that she is also one of those celebrities who likes to live low profile.

Her family name is Rhodes and rumors are there that she has a brother which is still unknown. As her low profile, there is no information regarding her birth date, place, and early life. Likewise, her educational background and her professional timeline have been kept clandestine.

Jill and Sean dated less than a year and tied their knot in the year 1993. After the marriage, they moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The couple still seems to be much in love even after the statement given by Sean in 2013.

Jill and Sean are currently living with their family, two children Merri Kelly and Patrick at Lloyd Neck, New York in their $3.6 million home. The love life of the two has been seen very strong. Even after the revelation from her husband she has been keeping her marriage successfully.

From that perspective, there is no chance of divorce for many years to come. Being married to a successful person definitely comes with a lot of benefits, as Jill enjoys an extravagant life owing to Sean’s net worth of $55 million.

                                          Caring, loving side of Jill.

Her personal life has been as good as her career. It looks that she has kept her profile low for her family as she is rarely seen attending any public event and also her social media sites are not seen that active which means following her in any media is very hard.

She is a philanthropist who has utilized Sean’s money in the right way. She takes great care of her children, family and have never failed them. Despite her celebrity husband, she has been mysterious in the eye of the media.

There has been no record of rumors of Jill dating or involved in a number of relationships, why would she be as she has a celebrity husband. As she not found in any media some of the photographs posted on the internet show she has a perfect body feature. As her date of birth is not revealed, her exact age can’t be stated.