Sally Field's Chapter of Romance: Tracing Her Love Story and Partnerships

Sally Field, a truly remarkable actress, graced the silver screen with her extraordinary talent. She portrayed unforgettable characters in beloved films such as "Forrest Gump" and "Lincoln," leaving an indelible mark on cinema. Her exceptional performances in "Places in the Heart" and "Norma Rae" earned her the prestigious honor of winning two Oscars. 

Beyond her on-screen achievements, Field's personal life has also captured attention. Currently, she is enjoying her single status, focusing on her journey. In the past, she was married to Alan Greisman and Steven Craig, showcasing the different chapters of her life. his enduring legacy shines brightly through her work and her ability to connect with audiences around the world.

Field's Current Relationship Status

Sally Field, a strong and inspiring individual, is currently embracing the beauty of single life. She has discovered the joy of loving herself and cherishing her life just the way it is. Learning to embrace her true self, she has found the power to accept herself unconditionally, regardless of others' opinions or approval. 

SallySally Field at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert SOURCE: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube Channel

With a radiant smile, Field shares that the worries of seeking others' validation have faded away. This newfound sense of self-assurance has led her to a place of comfort and contentment—a place where she can truly be herself without hesitation. His journey towards self-acceptance is a testament to her resilience and serves as an encouraging example for others to follow.

The Actress Last Marriage Was To Alan Greisman

Sally Field's marriage to Alan Greisman marked a significant chapter in her life. Their union, which lasted from December 15, 1984, to June 24, 1994, began with a private and intimate ceremony. The couple's journey to marriage was preceded by an 11-month engagement, during which they undoubtedly shared moments of excitement and anticipation. 

Field and Greisman's love story blossomed further with the arrival of their son, Sam Greisman, born in 1987. Sam has since followed his path and pursued his passion for writing, showcasing his creative talents. While Sally and Alan's marriage eventually came to an end, the bond they shared during those years undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both of their lives, and the love they brought into the world through their son continues to thrive.

No Longer Looking For Love And Doesn't Plan To Marry

Field has reached a point in her life where she's no longer seeking love and has no intentions of getting married. In the past, she used to constantly search for love, but she has gained wisdom from her previous experiences. She's taking the time to reflect on her patterns and is determined not to fall into the same old traps. Sally expresses her contentment with her current situation, relishing the freedom of not having to worry about someone else's needs. 

SallySally Field at the 2019 Kennedy Center Honors SOURCE: The Kennedy Centre

Despite facing challenges in finding the right partners in the past, Field has discovered a deep and meaningful love in her relationship with her children and her work. Her moments of leisure are often spent in the company of her brother Richard, close friends like Tom Hanks, and most importantly, her sons Peter, Eli, and Samuel as mentioned in an article from Closer Weekly. She is at peace with the idea that marriage might not be in her future, and she embraces this decision with a sense of acceptance and fulfillment.

How Had Field Met Her Second Husband?

Field's encounter with her second husband, Greisman, unfolded in a Los Angeles restaurant, where their paths unexpectedly crossed. Reflecting on their first meeting, he recalls his initial thoughts, acknowledging that he didn't believe Sally, a renowned movie star, would have any interest in him as a producer, as mentioned in an article from People. However, fate had more in store for them. It wasn't until 18 months later that a spark ignited between them. 

The turning point arrived when Greisman was pitching a story idea to Field. At that moment, Sally had a profound realization. She found herself yearning for another chance at family life, a desire to become a mother again that had taken root within her. This newfound realization marked a pivotal moment for the Oscar-winning actress, as she recognized that this was her opportunity to create the family she longed for. 

Famous Relationship With Late Burt Reynolds

Sally Field's famous relationship with the late Burt Reynolds began to take shape on the set of the iconic 1977 film "Smokey and the Bandit." Their connection was immediate, and a romance swiftly blossomed between them. He, captivated by the actress, made numerous proposals and expressed his strong desire to build a family together. However, she had reservations about taking that step, hesitating to commit to such a significant responsibility. 

BurtSally Fields's ex-boyfriend, late Burt Reynolds SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel

As their relationship evolved, it became apparent that Reynolds had a controlling demeanor, and their time together was marked by complex dynamics. Field reflected on their time together, acknowledging the mix of affection and hurt that characterized their bond. His' immense fame seemed to serve as a way for him to exert control over those around him, including Sally. 

Despite their flaws, Field noted that they seemed to be a perfect match in their imperfections. Regrettably, their journey together reached its end in 1981. Even though Reynolds publicly admitted that she was the "love of his life," he candidly acknowledged his mistakes in driving her away. In a moment of reflection, he acknowledged the tendency for men to sabotage the very relationships they hold dear.

What Caused The Divorce With Greisman?

The divorce between Field and Greisman stemmed from differences in their desires and lifestyles. It became apparent that he had a strong inclination to socialize and attend parties, whereas she leaned more towards a quieter and more reserved lifestyle. The actress candidly shared her feelings, mentioning that his outgoing nature sometimes led to her experiencing anxiety attacks. 

The once-present joy in Field and Greisman's relationship had started to fade away, overshadowed by their contrasting preferences and growing tensions. Instead of cherishing the positive aspects they shared, they found themselves fixating on the negatives. She realized that living in an environment marked by tension and unhappiness wasn't the kind of life she wanted to lead. As a result, the decision to part ways became a necessary step toward finding a more harmonious and fulfilling path for both of them.

Other Relationships

In addition to her well-known relationships, Field has experienced various connections with other notable individuals. Her romantic history includes a relationship with Jerry Knight 2, spanning from 1995 to 1996. She also shared a bond with Kevin Kline in 1982, marking a chapter in her life. Her journey through love includes her involvement with Lee Majors (the man who was once married to Farrah Fawcett) in 1967, a relationship that holds significance in her personal story. 

Field's connection with Pete Duel from 1967 to 1968 is another notable chapter in her romantic history. Her past also features a relationship with Davy Jones, which lasted from 1965 to 1966. Additionally, her life intersected with renowned figures like Johnny Carson and Jimmy Webb, showcasing the diverse experiences she has had in the realm of relationships and connections. 

About Field's First Marriage

Sally Field's first marriage to Steven Craig holds a special place in her story. They were high school sweethearts whose love led them to tie the knot on September 16, 1968, in a quiet and understated wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. Choosing a low-key approach, the couple embarked on their honeymoon in Jamaica, marking the beginning of their life journey together. 

Marrying at a young age, with Craig at 23 and Field at 21, they were eager to build a life as partners. From their union, two wonderful sons, Peter Craig, and Eli Craig, came into the world. The bond between the two created a family that grew and flourished amid the challenges and joys of life. Though their marriage eventually came to an end on August 1, 1975, the shared experiences and the love they once had remain an integral part of her journey.

Despite the divorce, Field holds Craig in high regard, acknowledging his qualities as a remarkable man, father, husband, and friend. She recognizes the value of his presence in her life, appreciating the positive aspects of their connection. However, she remembers a pivotal conversation they had. 


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