61 Years Old 'Oscar Awards' Winning Actor Tom Hanks' Married Life and Children; Know his Past Affairs and Relationships

The American actor, Tom Hanks aka Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, who is famous for his comedy and dramatic role in various movies and has collected a net worth of around $350 million-$400 million has been married two times. Currently, he is leading a happy life with second wife Rita Wilson after divorcing Samantha Lewes.


The 61 years' American actor who has a successful professional career is also having the same faith in his professional life for a few decades. After facing an unsuccessful marital life with the first wife, Samantha, he is going well with Rita Wilson for around three decades. Get to know more details regarding the reason behind the successful love life of Tom and Rita in this article. 

Tom Hanks' successful marital life with Rita Wilson

It was love at first sight for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. While talking about their love story, Tom stated that he fell in love the first time he saw Rita on The Brady Brunch. Later in 1985, he was romantically linked with her. 

On 1988 April 30, the couple were seen walking down the aisle. It was early, but their love for them was still better than ever. Currently, the couple has two children; both sons Chet and Truman. 

CAPTION: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson SOURCE: Diply

The love life of Tom and Rita got pretty good after the rain hit the storm. Rita was diagnosed with breast cancer and a double mastectomy. Tom supported his wife at her hard times and now after all of it was over, they were closer than ever. And the couple has already celebrated their 30th year wedding anniversary.

CAPTION: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrating their 30th-anniversary SOURCE: the coast

Tom Hanks' unsuccessful marital life with Samantha Lewes

Getting back into the past relationship of Tom Hanks, then he was married to the late American actress Samantha Lewes in late 70s. Although the exact date of their wedding has not been revealed, they wedded in the year 1978. However, their relationship lasted only for nine years as they divorced in the year 1987.

CAPTION: Tom Hanks and his ex-wife, Samantha Lewes SOURCE: Wassup Celebs

The couple together has two children: one son, Colin Hanks born in 1977 and one daughter; Elizabeth Hanks born in 1982. Their elder child Colin Hanks is one of the well-renowned actors. 

Ten Facts about Tom Hanks

1. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks aka Tom Hanks was born on July 9, 1956.
2. He was born to parents Janet Marylyn and Amos Mefford Hanks in Concord, California.
3. He currently resides in LA, California. 
4. Like most of the actor, he also started a career at the early age of 20.
5. After the 14 years of his divorce with the first wife, she died due to cancer.
6. Before his career start, he worked as a hotel bellman for his lively hood.
7. He is an environmental Conservationist.  
8. During his teenage, he sold popcorn and peanuts at the Oakland Coliseum.
9. While being in a marital relationship with Samantha, he developed a romantic relationship with Rita Wilson.
10. He has an estimated net worth of around $350 million-$400 million.