Robert F. 'Bobby' Kennedy’s Daughter Kerry Offers Kim Kardashian Political Advice

June 6, 2018 by arjun

Former United States Senator for New York Bobby Kennedy’s 7th child Kerry offers Kardashians Clans Political advice with a hearty laugh.


Kim Kardashian who recently met President Trump has caught attention of several people around the world including Bobby’s daughter Kerry Kennedy. Even ‘Witch Hunter’ Trump was happy meeting Kim Kardashian when they talked about Prison reforms and sentencing on May 30, 2018.  


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Keep Up With Kardashian Star has a chance to use her influence for the good of the nation besides her professional life, like Robert F Kennedy did who died serving the nation, only if she walks on the advice of his seventh daughter.

Bobby’s daughter who attended the eve of her father 50th assassination anniversary was asked by TMZ- what she thinks of the Kardashian paddling into politics.

Well, Well, Well it’s an interesting question for Kerry as she let out a hearty laugh when she was questioned about the topic back in 2013. She was totally amused the way one of the TMZ reporter compared between Kennedys and Kardashian back then.

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But the situation is different following Kim visit to White house to revise Alice Johnson’s prison sentence and Kerry no longer find it funny. Moreover, she provided Kim guidance on how to do better in the political arena.

Though Kardashian can’t equal Kennedys but Kerry acknowledges this time their heart is in the right place.