Amerian Actress Raini Rodriguez' Weight Loss Story; Know Her Net Worth, Career, and Awards

July 6, 2018
First Published On: July 6, 2018
by Sam Smith

The American actress and singer, Raini-Alena Rodriguez aka Raini Rodriguez who is best known for her portraying in the Disney series Austin & Ally as Trish has collected a huge amount of net worth, has shocked all her fans losing the weight.


Raini who started a career since an early age has a very successful professional life and earned lots of name, fame, and money. These days the actress has been the talk of the topic to all of her fans by the drastic change in her outlook. Everyone wants to know the reason behind her being thinner day by day. Know all the details below. We also discuss Raini Rodriguez's net worth, earnings, and career details.

Raini Rodriguez' Weight Loss Story

Whenever one thinks of an actress and a lead role at that, he thinks of a cute girl with a maintained body structure. But, in the case of Raini, it's just the opposite. Raini Rodriguez has played as a lead role for Disney Channel's Austin and Ally but, she is not your typical actress, is she?

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CAPTION: Raini Rodriguez before losing weight SOURCE: Zimbio

Every girl wants to stay healthy and maintain their body structure. The same thing has also struck Raini's mind. So, she is also in the process of losing her weight. Raini, who once had a plus-sized shape has lost 25 pounds than she was back then i.e, 170 pounds. 

CAPTION: Raini Rodriguez after losing weight SOURCE: Celebrity Cutouts

All this happened to after she started taking healthy food. As per her, she mostly prefers to take drinks that are based on vegetables. She didn't specifically disclose what she does for exercise but she gave her advice to all the people that, change in eating habit will make everything easier.

Raini Rodriguez's Net Worth and Career

The 25 years actress who started her professional career since back in 2006 is going very good on her career. The actress who is famous for her appearance in the TV series Austin & Ally has 25 acting credits in over a decade of career. With all this work, she has been able, to sum up, the net worth of around $400 thousand.

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CAPTION: Raini Rodriguez SOURCE: YouTube

The actress, Raini was discovered at the age of 11 by a California talent agent. Later on, she moved to LA with her mother and her sibling to kickstart her acting career. After joining the Hollywood, she has given her full effort in acting and also been able to garb Best Young Television Actress at the Imagen Awards.

Ten Facts about Raini Rodriguez

1. Raini Rodriguez was born on July 1, 1993, Bryan, Texas.
2. Raini Rodriguez was born to father, Roy Rodriguez, and mother, Diane.
3. Raini Rodriguez is of Mexican descent.
4. Raini Rodriguez started her professional career in 2006.
5. Raini Rodriguez is the older sister of actor, Rico Rodriguez.
6. Raini Rodriguez birth sign is cancer.
7. Raini Rodriguez has a dark brown eye color and black hair color.
8. Raini Rodriguez nickname is Rain, Rai, Chewy.
9. Raini Rodriguez was home-schooled by her mother.
10. Raini Rodriguez parents supported a lot in her career.