What does actress Raini Rodriguez's have to say about the pressure on actresses to lose weight???

In this world ruled by the idea of sexy and slim - not that it is a great stance- it is a dream for every girl to look fit and slim, to say the least. From cutting out diets to exercising like hell, women go onboard to get the (so called) ideal look. And it’s not just common people! Even celebrities are faced with such pressure; one of them being the lovely Raini Rodriguez.

Raini Rodriguez's bullied because of her body

Rodriguez has repeatedly been questioned about her weight in her interviews. It’s been a rather orthodox question actually. Even for Raini, who is noted for her chubby roles, weight has been a constant talk which she feels is a characteristic that people love criticizing. In an interview a couple of years ago, she was questioned if she felt patronized by people due to her obesity. She was calm about the question and gave a candid response.

We definitely love the way she is and are big fans of her undeniably great comical acting skills. And she did cut on a significant weight loss. But critics as they are, if they get a hole, they scratch it, no matter how small it maybe. She said that she was sometimes bullied owing to her weight, but the Austin and Ally star has now made a name for herself. So where are those bullies now?

Actress Raini Rodriguez, source: images-production

Born in Bryan, Texas, Raini is also the older sister of another much-loved actor Rico Rodriguez.  Her parents, Diane and Roy Rodriguez, own a business and she recalls having a smooth childhood. Of Mexican descent and ethnicity, her parents apparently started Rodriguez Tire Service after moving to the United States.

How she was discovered by a Hollywood scout is another fine story. So let’s just look into this matter briefly. Raini was apparently discovered at an IMTA showcase by a California talent agent. After Raini's awesome auditioning performance, Osser(agent) suggested to Raini's mother that he himself should become Raini's manager. So, Raini, at the age of 11, went to California after her mother agreed. Or shall we say, her mother also came, leaving her father to run the shop back in Texas?

She was recently in the news as it was revealed Austin and Ally would be ending pretty soon. From tweets and farewell posts all over Instagram and Twitter, the casts and even fans had mixed feelings. Ross, a part of the series, posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “A&A table read. 4.13.15?

Raini further wrote to clarify the post better, “We had our last table read for Austin & Ally today Shed some tears, but I’m ready to make these next 2 weeks amazing!”

Another major cast Laura also tweeted: “Our last table read today; it’s literally insane how fast four years have gone. We legitimately have the best crew&fans in the world.”

Yup, not to mention, she is also a fine singing sensation. Praised by her brother during childhood, she has taken both acting and singing career hand to hand. Now, with a net worth reaching $400,000, the teen star, with a height of 5'2", looks set to be the next big thing. Well, when asked who her future husband might be should she get married, she kept mom. No worries though, she still has long to go before she settles down.