Prince Harry’s Tears For Diana During His Royal Wedding

May 21, 2018

Royal Wedding: Watch Prince Harry’s tears for Diana. How the new groom broke down during the closing bars of late-mother Diana favorite hymn played 20 years after it was at her funeral day.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married on May 19, at St. George’s Chapel, when the broom struggled to keep his emotions contain during a particularly personal song attached to his past memory.

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It was an understandably emotional time for Prince Harry during his wedding yesterday, who broke into tears after seeing his bride Markle walk down the aisle by Prince Charles replacing her father Thomas Markle.

And Harry, 33, was also overcome by sentiments during the final bar of “Guide me, O Thy Great Redeemer.” The hymn was one of mother Diana favorite which was played at her funeral in 1997 – he appeared to wipe a tear, then took a deep breath facing the ground and his hand in his eyes struggling to contain his emotions.

CAPTION: Prince Harry’s Tears For Diana During His Royal Wedding SOURCE: CBS

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Harry who admitted in an ITV documentary last year revealed that he had only cried over Diana’s death and the Saturday has made it three times.

CAPTION: Prince Harry during mother Diana funeral after she died in a car crash SOURCE: Dailymail

Beside it, the couple was really happy to change their years of relationship into a marriage.

Then, the pair steps forward to share the marriage first kiss. After taking the vow they ride to Frogmore house to continue the ceremony.