Five facts you need to know about Prince Harry Fiancee- Meghan Markle

Till the date, you surely have heard about the actress, Meghan Markle who is to be a member of the British Royal Family upon marriage to Prince Harry. So, how much do you know about Meghan Markle? Not much? Then here are five interesting facts about Prince Harry fiancé Meghan Markle.


Meghan Markle is best known for her role in the drama Suit, where she plays paralegal Rachel Zane. She even played in numbers of the big film like Fed Ex-worker- 2011, Horrible Bosses and in Remember Me. So without any delay, check out these five facts about Meghan Markle.

Five facts you need to know about Prince Harry’s fiancé Meghan Markle

Rachel Meghan Markle was born on 4th August 1981, in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in Hollywood and was educated at a private school- Hollywood Little Red Schoolhouse and completed graduation from Northwestern University with a double bachelor’s degree in theater and international studies.

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Meghan Markle- A multitalented woman

Well, we all know Meghan as Rachel Zane from Suits and we all been eyewitnesses of her acting career. But before gaining such fame, Meghan says she faced a lot of difficulties finding roles. She said that she wasn’t black enough for the black roles and wasn’t white enough for white one which left her in the middle as the ethnic could not book a job.

[ CAPTION: Meghan as Rachel Zane from Suits ][ SOURCE: Daily Express ]

Meghan is also a model, from 2006-2007, she has appeared as a briefcase model in Deal or No Deal in more than 30 episode. Besides modeling, one of her secret talents is calligraphy. Before being a model and actress, she used calligraphy to earn money.

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[ CAPTION: Meghan Markle was a model ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

She also used to run a lifestyle website called The Tig, where they covered multiple topics from fashion beauty to travel to food. She even ran the blog for 3 years. Reitmans- a Canadian clothing line, collaborated with Meghan and released a line of women’s fashion workwear.

Meghan Markle- Known for Humanitarian work

The fiancé of Prince Harry, Meghan loves helping people. Besides acting, modeling, and calligraphy, she is also known for her Humanitarian work. In 2014 in Dublin, she spoke on behalf of the international charity One Young World at the annual. She covered topics such as gender equality and modern day slavery. 

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Again in 2014, Meghan took a trip to Spain and Afghanistan as a part of the USO Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Holiday Tour. In order to spread awareness of women’s issues, United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, she traveled all the way to India.

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Current news updated

Recently in 20 MAY 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shared the vows. Well, the adorable couple tied the knot in front of 600 guests including the Queen. Moreover, the presence of more than 30 royals and famous faces made the ceremony more wonderful.

CAPTION: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married SOURCE: NY times

Some of the celebs like tennis champion Serena Williams, David and Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey, actor George Clooney and his barrister wife Amal Clooney, Sir Elton John, and actor Idris Elba attended the ceremony which was pretty impressive.

Meghan Markle- A Biracial

Yes, it’s a fact that Meghan is biracial as her African-American mother married Dutch-Irish father. As they met each other on the set of a TV show. During an interview, Meghan said that being biracial draws a blurred line which is equal parts staggering and illuminating. While her mixed heritage created a gray area surrounding her self-identification.

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She feels like her a foot on both sides of the boundary. She added, “to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong, confident mixed-race woman”.

Meghan Markle- Not her real name

Like many stars and actresses, Meghan chose a bit different name as her stage name instead of her real name. Meghan is actually her middle name as her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle. Talking about other stars- Emma stone [Emily Stone], Katy Perry[Katherine Hudson], and Brad Pitt as just like Meghan used her middle name, Brad also used his middle name. He is actually William Bradley Pitt.

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[ CAPTION: Meghan Markle- Not her real name ][ SOURCE: Hello Magazine ]

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Meghan Markle- Took a selfie at Buckingham Palace

As a teenager, Meghan Took a selfie at Buckingham Palace and now she's close to the Buckingham Palace. When she was 15 years old, she and her friends visited London and took a selfie outside the Buckingham Palace.

[ CAPTION: Meghan Markle- Took a selfie at Buckingham Palace ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

In the photo, teenage Meghan is seen sitting on a railing outside the Palace as a warm tourist who wishes to peek inside.

So these are five facts about the Prince Harry fiance, Meghan Markle but this is not an end as we have brought some more short five facts about Meghan. Here is it:

  • Meghan would be the first mixed-race member of the royal family as Prince Harry and Meghan union would highlight the social significance.

  • From the year 2014 to 2017, she was founder and editor-in-chief of the website- The Tig.

  • Meghan was a counselor for the international charity One Young World. As she speaks at the annual summit on the topic of gender equity and also modern-day slavery.

  • Meghan is related to Shakespeare on her father’s side and Shakespeare’s mother side.

  • In the year 2011, she was married to Trevor Engelson- film producer but the pair quietly split after two years of their marriage.