Previously married and divorced; Kate Beirness might be dating her gym instructor or single

When you are hiding your marriage from the eyes of media, there arises a lot of other question on your sexuality and nature but, what if the hidden marriage was followed by the divorce? We will be discussing the mysterious man in the life of Canadian sports journalist for TSN network Kate Beirness.


Let's take a look at her interesting life followed by success in the field of sports journalism. There are some unturned pages in Beirness life that she tries very hard to hide but we assure our readers that we are writing this topic with some solid proof which will prove her marriage and separation from her former husband. So, without further delay, we dig into the smaller details of Sportscaster Kate Beirness. 

Kate Beirness' secret husband

The journalist has never mentioned her husband in any conversation but we know that she was married in the past. Her relationship status was announced by a tweet passed by Darren Dutchyshen, her co-host on 30th November 2012. It is clear that she got married on 7th December 2012.

[ CAPTION: Kate Beirness marriage ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Though the lady hasn't shared any image of her husband on social media, we are all certain about her wedding. Thanks to Darren Dutchyshen who on behalf of Kate addressed her fans and now we clearly know that she has a husband.  

Kate Beirness' Divorce Issues

The images on Kate Beirness' Instagram say something unspoken to all of her fans. The images clearly show her without a ring. So, what is she trying to tell her followers silently is that she has broken up her three years long wedding with her for secret husband and is currently single.

The pictures taken from around past four months have one thing common and that is the missing ring on her ring finger.

What if she lost her ring in the bathtub or while watching a game?

It is possible, but five months is a long time and if you lose your ring by accident you sure replace it, but in this case, it looks like she wants to replace her life partner, not the ring. She is currently single.

Who is Kate Beirness dating now?

The sports anchor is recently single and is not rumored to be seeing anyone but we might have a clue. She was seen taking photographs with her gym trainer, so this might be a flying rumor that she is dating someone but if she is dating someone, there is a huge possibility that her gym trainer might be her recent lover.


Don't they look adorable together? And to add more spice to it, we want to remind you that there are a lot of stories related to trainer and apprentice relationships which have turned out to be pretty intense.

There are a lot of opportunities for these two lovebirds to capitalize on as well. So we hope any one of these two possible lovers accepts this ongoing Paramore.

Ten Facts about Kate Beirness

1. Kate Beirness was born on March 8, 1984, and is 34 years old.
2. Kate Beirness was born in Port Perry, Canada.
3. Kate Beirness worked as the sports reporter for Rogers TV First Local.
4. Kate Beirness is working as a host for SportsCentre.
5. Kate Beirness studied at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.
6. Kate Beirness's birth sign is Pisces.
7. Kate Beirness took over for Jay Onrait on TSN in 2013.
8. Kate Beirness is the daughter of Chris Wagenaar and John Beirness.
9. Kate Beirness has 60,000 followers on Instagram.
10. Kate Beirness and Darren Dutchyshen began hosting the late show and morning loop spots in October 2013.