Player DuJuan Harris, sees his stats rising in Fantasy Football

DuJuan Harris, who currently plays for Seattle Seahawks, has been rising steadily and fluidly in the arena of fantasy football. This has been possibly mainly due to the Seahawks making him their number one running back for the rest of the season after the former running back sustained a season long injury.

The latest fantasy statistics for Harris has shown Harris going up in starting reps. And thanks to his season long commitment, extra bonuses from Seahawks are going up as well. Analysts have said that having Harris on any fantasy team this season will win huge number of points.

Harris and his sports life

Harris’s first game after he was made the Seahawks number one running back saw the team cruise to victory against the Baltimore Ravens with the score line reading 35-6. Even after being put in a tight spot by the coaches (he was not ready for a match as he was only involved with the practice squad), he proved his worth.

Harris who has one of the fastest forty meter dash timing in NFL today, after his latest performances for his team Seahawks, is being considered for the most valuable player of the season. Harris was actually pulled in by the Seahawks only for the practice squad and due to several injuries he was asked to join the team on an abrupt notice.

Harris, other than his speed, is also known for his flexibility and acrobatic skills. He is one of the few players in NFL who can vertically leap over forty one inches. His flexibility and acrobatics has been a big help for him against defenders this season and Harris has not been shy when it comes to showing off his skills in the recent games.

Harris also has one of the most impressive stats on the Seahawks team which has made him a favorite among fantasy players. His career stats show, on attack he has an average 80 with a total of 312 yards averaging 3.9 per half and two touchdowns to his name.

Harris's salary and earnings

Harris, after moving from one team to the other, has recently signed a contract for a year with the Seattle Seahawks for an annual salary of $775,000. This year, he has already made $200,000 in base salary from the team.

Harris is just 27 years of age and began playing professional football for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Over his career, he has already played for six different teams, the most by any player in his age group. He played college football for Troy and was one of the best players to ever play for the college team.

Harris has kept his private life away from the media. However, he is known to have a girlfriend and sources close to him have said the person in question is most likely Harris’s long time girlfriend from high school itself.

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