Pawn Stars Olivia Black's Net Worth:Know about her Career and Awards

One of the famous model and former TV star, Olivia Black who is openly lesbian and has married to wife Chef Maria, must have a good sum of wealth collected through her professional life.


Today in this topic, we are going to disclose how rich Olivia Black is as of 2018. You will get to know about her lifestyle and brief details about her career. So stay tuned to know all about her.

Olivia Black's net worth and salary in 2018

Starting a career as a model and also entering into a reality TV show, and again giving continuity to her modeling career, Olivia Black should have collected a good amount of earnings and net worth from such professions.  

CAPTION: Olivia Black SOURCE: Instagram

The total net worth of Olivia is still to be estimated for 2018 as it is the under review process. But if we look at the late 2017s estimation of Olivia's net worth, then her net worth was over $800,000. With her working and earnings maybe she has added more to the amount till this date.

Olivia Black fired from Pawn Stars

Well if you have seen Pawn Stars, then you may have seen Olivia Black starting out in 2011. But, after working just for a few months, she was fired from the show. So, let's find out why?

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CAPTION: Twitter post by Notorious regarding Olivia Black
SOURCE: Twitter

The reason for which Olivia was let go from the famous show was her career as a model. She was a model in her past. So, she had some steamy nude photoshoots which were later found out by the media, hence she was let go from the famous show. 

After being fired, Olivia Black filed a lawsuit against the production company which hired her in the first place. If she won the case, she would get $5 million as compensation, but nothing else was heard of it. After being fired, she got back to her modeling career. The above-shown picture is after she was fired from the show. 

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Olivia Black is a tattoo enthusiast

Different people have different interests in their life. None of us have a common interest. Model Olivia Black who has to spend lots of money in her make-up also spends much more on tattooing her body. Being a model, make-up is a compulsion but tattooing is all about her interest.

CAPTION: Olivia Black
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Olivia Black
SOURCE: Instagram

Well if you have any idea about tattooing then you must know it’s very costly. For a small tattoo on our body, the tattoo artist will charge more than $200. Olivia has made a tattoo in most of her body parts so it surely cost her a fortune.

With all this we can say, Model Olivia has a good sum of money and she loves spending it all on her interest and other necessities so may be due to this reason, she may not have been able to collect huge amount like other stars.