How Much is Austin Chumlee Russell net worth? See his Car Collection, House and Shoe Collection

Austin ChumLee Russell is one of the popular actor, reality television personality, and businessman. He is a cast member of the History Channel television show Pawn Stars. And it won't matter to say that he has a huge net worth.

Austin Chumlee Russell started working since 2003 and might have earned a huge amount. Today, in this particular column, we will be talking about Russell's net worth, car, house, and more. Stay tuned:

How much is Austin Chumlee Russell's net worth?

It's been over one and half decades that Austin Chumlee Russell started working in this field and is still actively working in this field. He started working for the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop at the age of 21. He worked there for around five years before filming "Pawn Stars" in July 2009.

Austin Chumlee Russell Austin Chumlee Russell    Source: twimg

While checking the sites like Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest, Austin Chumlee Russell is estimated to have around $5 million net worth. Back in 2010, he collected around $155,000 amount through the value of half of the company sold to Rick Harrison.

He also earns around $25, 000 per episode salary from Pawn Stars. According to several sites, he earns over $50,000 from various sponsorships and endorsement deals.

Austin Chumlee Russell's Car

Everyone might be familiar that Russell is a car lover and loves to collect the different cars. He owns a Black Maserati Gran Turismo car. The price of Granturismo ranges from around $134, 625 to $152,370. Russell also owns a Rolls Royce Phantom and its price ranges up to $420,325.

Chumlee owns 1964 Impala car too and the cost of the car is around $29,000. There is no doubt that the car is super stylish and sexy with a great interior. He is also the owner of Cadillac Escalade and Range Rover that costs around $73,395 to $98,195 and above $36, 350 respectively. He even owns Ford Fusion.

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Austin Chumlee Russell's House

Speaking of Chumlee's house, he owns a beautiful and stylish house in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. He purchased the house in the year 2012 for around $1.1 million. There was news about selling the infamous Las Vegas house for around $1,849,900.

Austin Chumlee Russell's House Austin Chumlee Russell's House   Source: vgtstatic

The property spreads up to 6,206 square foot and has a pool, guest house, spa, and a bonus treat: the "Chum Chum" room. The house is perfectly well equipped and well furnished.

You know, Chumlee is a shoe lover and has over 200 pairs of shoes. Check his closet and shoe collection:

Austin Chumlee Russell's closet and shoes collection Austin Chumlee Russell's closet and shoe collection   Source: celebritycarsblog

No doubt, Austin Chumlee Russell’s net worth is high as hell. Moreover, he is still active in the field, thus will be adding an extra amount to his heavy net worth.