Pat Boone Revealed That Billy Graham Tried To Tell The Whole World ‘God Holds The Key To Our Answer’

February 22, 2018 by arjun

Pat Boon is a singer friend of late Billy Graham who passed away peacefully on Wednesday 21 February 2018. Boone revealed that Graham always wanted to convey the message that our answer to our every question lies with God.


As Billy Graham is dead, Pat Boone recalls the earlier moment with his friend. Boone and Graham family used to meet often and attend the function together.

The visit at Montreat in Graham’s home is still fresh in my memory says Boone in ‘the story’ with fox news insider. He tells it was the day when Saddam Hussein was arrested. He continued we talked about the way how the world was changing at that time.

He remembers that Graham told, “The Problems this world faces now are beyond solutions, only divine solution exists for us now.”

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Boone: When it comes to preaching the message of Jesus, Christ Graham used to stand fearless ready to offend anyone who comes in his way.

“Billy was trying to tell the world there are answers, but they reside with God”

Boone was afraid of the future generation who might later question who actually was Billy Graham? So he wrote a song Thank You Billy Graham and he was joined by David Pack, Billy Dean, Leann Rimes, Pat Boones, Kenney Rogers, and others.