Actress Crystal Bernard dated boyfriend Billy Dean once. Know her all affairs

September 15, 2017
First Published On: December 5, 2016

Famous actress and "Don't Touch Me There" singer Crystal Bernard has been in and out of relationships for many times. The hot actress who ruled the big screens and hearts of millions of fans from the eighties as a sex symbol still looks hot as hell and still has that wow factor on screen. So, on today's digest, we are discussing some of the men from Hollywood whom she had relationships with over the years.

On today's capsule, we will dig out all of the details about her past relationship and details about what her past boyfriends were like? As all of her relationships are affiliated to Hollywood hunk Billy Dean.

Crystal Bernard with Billy Dean

Crystal Bernard was romantically involved with Billy Dean for short time of one year starting from 2004 to 2005. The actress and American country music singer and songwriter were one of the most adorable couples in their times but the relationship could only last for a year.

Crystal Bernard was romantically involved with Billy Dean   Source: Getty Images                              

The chemistry between this actress and singer with the singer-songwriter was one of the most talked about a relationship but the couple separated in 2005.

Tony Thomas and Crystal Bernard relationship

In some far distant time, the fifty-five years old actress was romantically involved with Tony Thomas a famous American television and film producer. The chemistry between these two long-separated lovers can be seen in the photographs they share which could be found in a nick of time in any search engines.

Crystal Bernard Married Peter Cetera Crystal Bernard Married Peter Cetera  Source: Celebrity News

Though the real life chemistry between them was not much of a talked about the topic the reel life romance produced by him alongside Bernard was quite praised by all viewers. These two former lovers again collaborated for Annie Get Your Gun in 2000's.

Crystal Bernard and Michael Shipley Relationship

The famous screenwriter and producer famous for hit series like  My Name are Earl, American Dad and Family Guy was once in the pick of rumors of an affair with  Hollywood singer and actress Crystal Bernard.

Mike Shipley Engineer Extraordinaire Mike Shipley Behind the Board Mike Shipley Engineer Extraordinaire Mike Shipley Behind the Board     Source: Alchetron

The couple was reported to be very comfortable with each other by various media but the truth behind it is still not known to fans. Both have confirmed that they are good friends but once the duo was considered to be lovebirds.

Rush Limbaugh is a player, he surely scored Crystal Bernard

Radio Personality Rush Limbaugh also makes his way to the list of famous celebrities dating Crystal Bernard. The famous actress and radio show host are rumored to have dated each other as well.

Rush Limbaugh Kathryn Rogers Married Photos Rush Limbaugh Photos  Source: Stylehive

The attractive middle aged wonder women surely should have been blown away by the charms and voice of this handsome six-foot tall radio personality. Though the rumors are agreed by many Crystal Bernard fans, the date and story behind her dating history with Rush Limbaugh is unknown till the date.,,,crystal-bernard, CNN