Hoda Kotb Once Set Kathie Lee Gifford Date But She Threw This Curveball At Her On TV

April 6, 2018

Hoda Kotb once helped her co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, to find a date and she returns the favor throwing curveball so that she realizes “she can handle anything.”


Todays co-hosts Hoda & Kathie tenth anniversary opens up their regret and surprise.

Must be a long night! The Today’s co-host Hond & Kathie celebrates their 10th anniversary at Rockefeller Center.  All carry regrets and surprise just it needs right time to expose.

In the event, Kotb revealed that once she set up Gifford on a date after the death of her loving husband. But it didn’t go that well as Gifford was not interested in the date guy.

Gifford is in search of a new mate and being a co-host for 10 years and a friend in real life she did her part to find the 64 years old widow a matching soul mate.

“Koth earlier set me up with one date” Gifford revealed on the 10th anniversary. “It did not work out. He wasn’t my type.” Gifford didn’t detailed information about the mystery man, but added that he was a handsome gentleman.’

Kotb present their continued, it would work out only if the date had extra specialties as Gifford is a different type of lady. Gifford was married to late-Frank Gifford in 1986 and has two children Cody and Cassidy. They lived together until her husband Frank died in 2015.

CAPTION: Frank Gifford and Kathie Lee Gifford earlier pic SOURCE: gettyimages

Now, she is dealing with her loneliness but she believes she will get rid of it. She tried to teach her co-host, Kotb if we make effort than we can get better results.

Kotb said, in the same party that Gifford intentionally threw a loop on the live TV set following a Valentine’s Day. One day, while in the makeup room Kotb said she met her ex-husband on the holiday and that same day earlier years she has received divorce paper.

But following the incident the pair went on TV live and Kotb “Good Morning, everyone! Happy Valentine Day and Gifford said her not for you.” That comment shakes her in real and then she came with belief that ‘I can handle anything.’

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Later, her partner said she was wanted to make her think that she can handle anything and get rid of the sad women back in the makeup room.