Nuclear War: United States of America Vs North Korea!

ALERT... Is it true that North Koreans are all set to engage Nuclear Weapons against the United States of America? The answer to this question is not what people think it is, but it's something more than we can grasp.

But before we run into the actual whereabouts, it's important to know why North Koreans flew into a rage and made the whole scene look like a set from a "War Movie."

America’s Threat to the North Koreans

So, this is how it all started..

At the UN, Donald Trump told how he would bomb the whole North Korea if they didn’t bow out from their Nuclear Aggression. Moreover, he threw a punch line that read:

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime.”

Well, this doesn’t look good, isn't that right? We’re talking about two of the most advanced nations in the whole world. So, could it lead to “A Beginning of the War?”

Here’s how North Korea reacted:

North Korea’s Reaction

Kim In-Ryong confirmed that North Korea is subjected to a direct and intense nuclear threat from the United States of America. He also added that North Koreans have the rights to possess the nuclear weapons as well, and fire them whensoever, or in self-protection.

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Furthermore, he notified delivering a short message to all the Americans out there. He stated the whole US terrain is inside their range, and on the off chance that they attack in the region even an inch, they’d be compelled to engage their nuclear power and begin the wicked WAR.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, source: cdn.images

Kim Jong-un’s Advise to Trump

And this is how Kim Jong responded to Trump’s threat. He advised President Trump to select his words while forwarding a message before the world; because if he didn't, it could lead to catastrophe.

Washington Post and ABC News confirmed that North Koreans have the capability of producing a ‘Miniaturized Nuclear Warhead” that could fit inside the missiles itself including its “Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM).”

Miniaturized Nuclear Warhead that could fit in the ICBM

Kim Jong-un standing in front of the device

Different sources confirmed this after Kim stood next to such a deadly weapon last march. Furthermore, he tested the missile and proved it could reach the east coast of the US including Washington DC and New York.