Niall Horan's Melody Of Love: His Wife And Girlfriend Chronology

Through his amazing voice and personality, the Irish singer-songwriter, Niall Horan, enchanted the planet. His journey to stardom started while a member of that very popular group referred to as One Direction. His music and electrifying personality made him the darling of all the fans across the globe.

Horan's private life has also caught up with his stage, though presently, he is cheerfully dating the beautiful Amelia Woolley. Through the time when he is singing his soothing songs to us and giving us the sunshine of his sweet smile, fans are waiting for a new part of his musical career and his travels.

Relation with Amelia Woolley

Amelia Woolley’s relationship with Niall Horan was private and grew discreetly out of public viewership. The woven threads of their relationship had begun before the lockdown, but it was during the May-June ease that there were more opportunities for them to be together.

AmeliaNiall Horan with his girlfriend, Amelia Woolley SOURCE: Clevver Music YouTube Channel

The door to Niall and Amelia’s blossoming friendship began to open as the world gradually opened. These instances brought them closer and built up their relations as a loving couple. Although the musician is renowned for this stardom, he and his love kept their love mostly private.

Horan and Woolley's love story started in the busy city of London which happens to be their pathway to each other. The two met when she moved from Kendrick to Kensington to work on shoes designed by Nicholas Kirkwood according to him who wanted to be anonymous. This was in the throbbing heart of the vibrant city where they fell deeper in love with each other.

About Niall Horan's Girlfriend

Amelia Woolley is a versatile professional with the necessary skills to work for Budweiser Brewing Group as the future growth and e-commerce brand content deployment specialist. She has stirred things up in drinks, and her journey also includes the energetic fashion.

This is how Amelia grew up to become a fashionista who studied fashion business at Istituto Marangoni. She was a commercial director at Nicholas Kirkwood before embarking on the brewing scene. Her diverse roots are a manifestation of her ability to adapt to various situations and possibly imply more hidden depth to her unique character.

Horan's Melodies Inspired By Woolley

Niall Horan’s songs have been touched by the happy tunes of his three-year relationship with Amelia and got a new rhythm. She now serves as an inspiration for cheerful songs of songs featuring works of the ex-One Direction band member. The rich connection between them gets intertwined into his “The Show” album and she feels it in some songs.

AmeliaNiall Horan and Amelia Woolley at an event SOURCE: Clevver News YouTube Channel

About Woolley’s response towards being the motivation behind her music, Horan said “She’s like taken back I guess”. This further portrays a new direction to the artist’s lyrics as they do not carry the heart-breaking messages of lost love any longer.

How’s Romantic Is Niall?

Niall follows this idea by creating a typical man’s love for an ordinary girl. Grandiose statements are not needed by the Irish singer-songwriter to reveal his romantic side; he rather succeeds in the day-to-day moments.

Niall sees romance in small things such as preparing a meal one can eat while seated together or taking care of minute matters during a typical day. In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, he said that his love languages were words of affirmation and touch. Thus his way of speaking the love language is verbal and gestural.

Past Relationships And Rumors

Hailee Steinfeld

The relationship between Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld happened in full public view. Rumors emerged from this event that the two might be romantically interested for they were shown performing together singing, dancing and even exchanging glances.

HaileeNiall Horan's ex-partner, Hailee Steinfeld SOURCE: Hailee Steinfeld Instagram @haileesteinfeld

It was not until one or two months later when it came that in August Horan had kissed Steinfeld in the state of Los Angeles. They openly showed their devotion, which melted the hearts of fans as they visualized love.

Nonetheless, with changing seasons, came a transformation in their relationship. The couple separated after spending almost one year together. After this, by December 2018, it was concluded that their relationship had come to an end.

Selena Gomez

There was a lot of buzz generated after Nick was spotted in the company of Selena Gomez at Jenna Dewan’s birthday party in Los Angeles on December 4th, according to US Magazine. An eyewitness also noted that the two shared the whole night kissing and were very close.

Nevertheless, after the rumors had spread, she stated that nothing romantic existed between them but purely platonic relationships. She joked, “Oh my god, no [nothing serious]! I love him.”

Barbara Palvin

Whispers about the possibility that there was a romantic link between Horan and Barbara Palvin in the winter of 2013 raised eyebrows. The pair was caught leaving the X Factor U. K.’s wrap party at one Marylen club with a handshake.

BarbaraBarbara Palvin in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Barbara Palvin Instagram @realbarbarapalvin

These photos raised suspicions of an emerging love affair and created havoc among the admirers. Nevertheless, Niall’s representative informed E! shortly after a confiscated PDA. The news put an end to the swirl of speculation that they were only friends.

Ellie Goulding

There was a short chapter starring Ellie Goulding back in 2013 which caused endless talk about it being the next Bond girl. Their relationship attracted attention, especially after they found out about their previous link to Ed Sheeran. The rumors became rife with stories of her moving from Ed to Niall.

Nevertheless, Goulding cleared the confusion after an interview with Elle U.K. On this, she stated, “I did a date with Niall on a couple of instances, but I was never at an affair with Ed. Where did this come from and why has it been exaggerated?” as per People.

Melissa Whitelaw

Melissa Whitelaw struck a couple of chords with Horan’s love symphony in 2015. In February these whispers were heard for the first time, and those who followed this team experienced tingling sensations. The culmination was attained in April during their arrest hand in hand as they entered in style into a night club of London.

MelissaFormer Lovers, Niall Horan and Melissa Whitelaw SOURCE: Hollywire YouTube Channel

Although there was the spark for Horan and Whitelaw’s romance, it lasted just a couple of months like a short-lived tune.

Celine Helene Vandycke

While enjoying the July summer heat of 2016, Niall briefly came into contact with a Belgian student named Celine Helene Vandycke and this fleeting encounter resulted in a flurry of media focus on their relationship. At this point during the British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park, the duo was captured by the cameras sharing kisses and cuddling.

Fans were agog with speculation as to what this new romance could be between Horans and Vandyckes. However, their relationship was as temporary as the magical summer breeze.

Love Life Before Fame

Holly scally was part of Niall Horan’s history with the love life before he became famous. In 2010, their love story started when he decided to walk on “The X Factor” stage.

This is how the new singer set out for fame; it seemed as if there was something innate between Niall and Holly that resonated with the purity of children. Nonetheless, he took fame’s arduous path, whose shadow fell heavily upon the young love just about a month after he made his first appearance on the show.


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