Is Barbara Palvin single or married? Know about her current affairs and relationship

June 29, 2017
First published on:June 29, 2017
by HitBerry

I just can’t remove eyes from her, this very beautiful girl has everything that can make a guy fall in love instantly. Barbara Palvin is a Hungarian actress and model. Also, she is former Victoria’s secret model. I am sure I don’t need to further introduce this girl to you since she has been linked to many famous personalities before.

Being a super model and hot actress, Barbara has received numerous compliments from her early career. Without any delay, let’s dive into the personal life of this lady.

Is Barbara Palvin single? Who is she dating currently?

The rising star is undoubtedly the best in her field. She has a perfect face and figure. Her blue eyes, brown hair with a perfect height of 5 ft 9 in has impressed everyone. But is there anyone who has impressed Barbara?

Barbara Palvin Barbara Palvin   Source: instagram

Yeah, if we talk about her past relationship then we know she has a wider romantic taste but at the moment, she has not disclosed anything. Till 2015 we heard a lot about Barbara. She is just 23 years old has gained huge popularity by the time.

If we go through her Instagram posts we will find that Barbara loves to have fun in a different way. She goes out with her friends, hang out very often and at the same time gives attention to her work. The latest picture she posted with a boy is very adorable.

In the picture, she is kissing a guy and it is captioned as, “Happy birthday to the best agent and friend. Love you to the moon and back.” If she is dating someone at the moment, he can be the one but we cannot claim that he’s the one since Barbara has remained silent on the matter.

Barbara's Instagram post Barbara's Instagram post  Source: Instagram

We have something for you. The one she’s been called best friend has also posted a picture of Barbara and the caption will really make you think that these two are in a relationship. He has captioned the picture, “Night date. Beautiful inside and out.” Have a look at the picture for yourselves.

Barbara's friend on Instagram Barbara's friend on Instagram   Source: instagram

Barbara's friend on Instagram Barbara's friend on Instagram   Source: Instagram

Barbara Palvin rumored boyfriends

Seems like Barbara does not want to speak on the topic. She is rumored to be romantically linked to many personalities like Justin Bieber and Leonardo Dicaprio in 2013.

Barbara and Justin first met at Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and were rumored to be dating each other. Turned out the rumor was nothing more after Barbara stated that they are nothing more than friends.

Not only that, soon after the dating rumor with Justin was closed, she was linked with Leonardo Dicaprio. She was just 19 when she met Leonardo. As a previous rumor, this was also people assuming what they think.