News Anchor Martha MacCallum: Is She Satisfied with her both Career and Earnings? Know her Net Worth and Cape Code house

The anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel, Martha MacCallum is one of the highest paid anchors for Fox Channel. Martha has a net worth you wouldn’t believe. So be ready to get shocked!


A talented person such as Martha MacCallum is working with Fox News, since 2004. She has earned a huge amount of money from her Journalism career. She is also known as one of the richest journalists in the Fox News. Ok, let’s find out the estimation of Martha MacCallum’s net worth. Also, we will discuss Martha’s career and earnings.

Martha MacCallum’s Net Worth

Hard working and talented people have always been paid a lot and fox is one of the best places for journalists to work as it's America's leading network. If you are a Fox network journalist, you will definitely be paid a lot more than at any other network. Likewise, Martha has an estimated net worth of $8 Million. She reportedly earns a whopping sum of $700 thousand per year through her anchoring on the Fox news.

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[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum ]

After she started her career in journalism, she has considerably added a lot to her account with her likability and increasing demand as a television personality.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum in Fox Channel ]
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Martha MacCallum falls into the category of journalists who's pay cheque has increased every passing day. 

Martha MacCallum’s house

Martha owns a mansion in Chatham, Massachusetts. She owned a house of the 1960s and redesigned it with the help of her interior designer. It took them three months to set the home. The house offers great views of the Oyster Pond.

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The living room has yellow paints on it. It also has sailboat photo decorations to give a touch of Martha’s hometown. The living room also has a fireplace.

[ CAPTION: Living Room ]

[ CAPTION: Chimney ]

Talking about the kitchen, the anchor has it painted white. In one of the walls, there is a black in white painting. And, on the other side, there is a mounted cupboard for storage and stove placement. The center of the kitchen has a wooden dining table with the capacity to seat 6-people.

[ CAPTION: Kitchen ]

[ CAPTION: Bedroom ]

Martha’s bedroom is white and blue themed. For the boy’s, she themed their room like a dorm with iron beds and anchor printed frames. For her daughter, the room is painted blue. The hallway has an old rusty feel to it. With wooden designs and pennants, the hallway offers a sailing feel to it.

Martha MacCallum’s career

Martha’s career as an anchor began in 1991. She worked for World Market Outlook as a business news correspondent and then Business USA. In 1996, she joined CNBC, where she worked for WBIS-TV.

[ CAPTION: Martha MacCallum on set ]

Martha became the host of Fox News in 2002. At the same time, she also hosted the Morning Call on CNBC from 2002-2007.  Martha also co-hosted ‘The Live Desk w/Martha MacCallum’ on Fox New since 2006 to 2010. She has also covered the 2004, 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. She also hosts the weekly part of The O’Reilly Factor.

These days Martha is working as a host for the TV show The Story with Martha MacCallum.