Owen Cook's Net Worth: How much money does he make by self help speaking and his books?

Once a struggling artist Owen Cook or we may know him as Tyler Durden, is now widely known as the co-founder of the dating company Real Social Dynamics and also an author of "The Blueprint". So, how much is Owen Cook's net worth?


Currently, Owen is celebrated by millions of people out there as their dating savior who teaches them techniques of self-realization and self-motivation in the process of meeting women.

Owen Cook's Net Worth

Though Owen Cook's net worth is not disclosed, he is living a life of his dream with his company and lot more and he must earn a fortune. 

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[ CAPTION: Owen Cook ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

Being the co-founder of Real Social Dynamics which is currently the number one dating company of the country and similarly, he is also an author of several books which is why there is no doubt that he has a very good income.

All of his accomplishments helped him to earn an amazing income. Considering his outstanding career we can surely assume that he must have an amazing net worth.

Owen Cook's Career and Journey from a struggling artist to a co-founder of Real Social Dynamics 

It all started when in the year 2002 he took part in a dating boot camp and eventually started to begin his career as a pick-up artist and along with that he also borrowed the name Tyler Durden from the popular movie "Fight Club".

[ CAPTION: Owen Cook ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

After a year, he met the emerging dating guru Nick Kho, who is the current CEO of Real Social Dynamics. In the same year, they created the company together which now we know as one of the best dating company in the world.

His success officially started when people begin to know his initial pick-up journey from the Neil Strauss’ record breaker ‘The Game’ in 2005.

‘The Game’ truly turned out to be the game changer for Owen and he became the new sensation.

Since then he has made Real Social Dynamics-a promising company for men to improve their social dynamics when it comes to improvising their skills while talking to women.


Similarly, some of his confidence-boosting books like ‘The Blueprint Decoded’ and DVD contents like ‘Transformations’ and ‘Foundations’ have assisted many men in their journey of finding love. 

Ten Facts about Owen Cook

1. Owen Cook was born on October 1, 1979, and is 38 years old.
2. Owen Cook was born in Ottawa, Canada.
3. Owen Cook's birth sign is Libra.
4. Owen Cook co-founded Real Social Dynamics in 2002.
5. Owen Cook has over 199,353 subscribers on YouTube as of 6/19/2018.
6. Owen Cook borrowed the name Tyler Durden from movie "Fight Club".
7. Owen Cook is an author of "The Blueprint."
8. Owen Cook became a familiar face in 2005.
9. Owen Cook is also known as Love Guru.
10. Owen Cook's net worth is not disclosed.