Meet Owen Cook aka Tyler Durden's girlfriend and children. They haven't married yet

HitBerryPublished on   17 Oct, 2016Updated on   11 Mar, 2018

Owen Cook is a Canadian artist popular for being the co-founder of the dating company called ‘Real Social Dynamics (RSD)’. He is also the author of a book named ‘Real Social Dynamics: The Blueprint Decoded’. Today, we are gonna let you know about his girlfriend and children; alongside his marital status.


Owen Cooks (Tyler Durden)

Owen Cook is popular for being ‘Tyler Durden’ of ‘Real Social Dynamics’. Not only did he start the company, but he is also the head of content and training expansion at RSD. Tyler is responsible for handling important strategies related decisions and more.

In 2002, he took part in a dating boot camp and burrowed the named ‘Tyler Durden’ from the movie called ‘Fight Club’ starring ‘Brad Pitt’ and ‘Edward Norton’. 

Source: Instagram

Owen Cooks Girlfriend

In one of the articles on Dailymail, they believe that Owen has been dating a Latina girl named Roxanne for couple years now. But I don’t know why the pair is holding up on marriage. I mean they have a son together and they pretty much have enough money for everything.

So, why? I don’t really get it. Furthermore; speaking of Roxanne, she works for RSD as well, advising men on how to pick up women. 

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Owen Cooks Children

Owen and Roxanne have a son together, they named him Vincent. However, Owen admits that Vincent was a mistake and they actually didn’t want him. Vincent is almost 5 years old now and he sure is living a pretty good life, I guess. 

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Owen Cooks Book

Owen is the author of a book named ‘Real Social Dynamics: The Blueprint Decoded’. The book tells you about the most profound secrets of ‘Dating Mastery’, people believe that it is like a syringe of Adrenaline punched straight into your system.

And, most of the people believe that it actually works, so if you wanna go ahead and try, you should cuz now I will too. Lol. 

Cover page of Owen Cooks Book 'Blueprints Decoded'.

Cover page of Owen Cooks Book 'Blueprints Decoded'. Source: newnulled