NBC's Journalist Natalie Morales Family Life, Extra - Marital Affair, Husband, Children and Divorce

 Natalie Morales is a popular American journalist, who is a co-anchor on the popular news show ‘Today’, and also the co-host at the third hour at the NBC. Likewise, currently, she has also been fulfilling her duties for Access Hollywood.

She is surely one of the most talented and popular journalists of all time. However, she is not only a successful journalist but also a wife and a mother of two children and her personal life has often made headline because of several rumors that have been made about her and her private life.

Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes’s wedding

Wedding of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes

Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes first met when they were at the very beginning of their career. Natalie was not a journalist and Joe was also working at Mergers and Acquisition firm.

The couple first interacted in one of their conferences and eventually started dating. After several years Natalie became one of the top journalists of the country and Joe became a founder and contemporary Managing Partner at Stockton Road Capital LLC.

With the growing success in their professional life, their love for each other was also growing and they finally decided to get married. The adorable duo got married on 22 August 1998 in Denver, which was a quite affair and only their close friends and family were invited.

Two children of Natalie and Joe

Natalie with her two sons

After six of their wonderful marriage Natalie Morales gave birth to her first baby in 2004 named him Joseph Stockton Rhodes and later on 9 September 2009, the pair was blessed with another baby boy named Luke Hudson Rhodes.

Their family was finally completed after the birth of their two children. However, Natalie has to go through lots of pain before the birth of two children as she has to deal with a loss of a child due to miscarriage. Maybe it does not bother her much as she has two handsome sons with her now.


Married Life and divorce rumors of Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes

Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes

It has already been almost 19 years since Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes got married. In all these years couple surely has to go through sudden ups and downs but the fact is that they are still together.

However, there were lots of buzz going around about the couple heading towards divorce because of the rumored affair of Natalie with her colleague Matt Lauer. However, no proper confirmation has been made by the couple regarding their divorce rumors and they are still living together.

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Rumored affair of Natalie Morales with Matt Lauer

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer

Well, it is not the first time that Natalie has been linked up with Matt Lauer. In the year 2006, a rumor started that Natalie was having an affair with NBC’s ‘Today’ show host Matt Lauer. Rumors stated that they had started being involved during the ‘Today’ show coverage of 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy.

However, it was also mentioned that Matt’s wife Annette Roque was so upset with the rumors that she even filed for divorce with husband Matt but she withdrew the case later on.

The rumors did not stop there, after two years when Natalie announced that she was 12 weeks pregnant; rumor was that Matt was the father of her child, instead of her husband Joe. However, the news was never verified.

No matter what the rumors says Natalie and Matt are still living together with their respective partner and we can only assume that all of them are living happily.

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