Natasha Richardson' Ex-Husband Liam Neeson's Net worth: Know in Detail about his Career and Awards

Madilyn Simmons Published on   26 Jan, 2018Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

Liam Neeson is an Irish actor who is famous for his role in the movie Taken. He is well known for starring in action movies. Neeson is Natasha Richardson's ex-husband. The actor has been part of the industry for a long time and has earned a huge networth.

The actor has a very particular set of skills that fans seem to love. Throughout the years, the actor has gained many fans who are curious to know more about him. In this particular column, we will be discussing his net worth, career, and awards as well. So, keep scrolling.

Liam Neeson's Net Worth

The Non- Stop actor is quite famous and has played in many movies. With the increase in his popularity, his pay cheque has also risen.  The actor has an estimated net worth of $85 million. Neeson has earned such a high amount of money through his movie projects, TV shows as well as endorsements.

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[ CAPTION: Liam Neeson with his late wife Natasha Richardson ][ SOURCE: Mirror ]

The actor rose to prominence after his outstanding performance on Schindler's List that earned him an Acadamy Award nomination. The movies grossed a whopping $321,306,305 worldwide. The actor has been critically acclaimed for the film. Neeson proved his skills as an actor in the movie.

YouTube: Schindler's List (1993) Official Trailer - Liam Neeson, Steven Spielberg Movie HD

Moreover, Neeson's highest pay cheque till this date is $20million for reprising his role as Bryan Mills in Taken 3. The amount is exactly twenty times more than his salary for the first installment of Taken.

Neeson earned $1million for Taken and $10 million for Taken 2. Neeson was reportedly not interested in appearing on Taken 2 but later agreed for high payment. Well, he surely has a particular set of skills and is highly paid for it.

Moreover, the actor has starred in highly successful movies like Les Misérables, Batman BeginsStar Wars: Episode I and many others. He has also worked on TV shows like Miami Vice, Dream Corps LLC and many more. The actor has a deep haunting voice that he has lent to various movies and video games. He is the voice of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia.

[ CAPTION: Liam Neeson'][ SOURCE: Daily Mirror ]

Apart from acting in movies and television, Neeson has also endorsed many brands. As a matter of fact, he was the most liked celebrity endorser in 2015. Neeson appeared in an advertisement for mobile game company Supercell promoting their very popular game Clash of Clans. Now let's move on to his house.

Liam Neeson's House

Liam Neeson along with his ex-wife Natasha Richardson bought a house just outside Millbrook, Newyork a few weeks prior to their wedding. The house is laid upon a 37-acre land. 

[ CAPTION: Liam Neeson's house ][ SOURCE: Celebrity Detective ]

The estate has a swimming pool, tennis court, and courtyard.The home has a market value of $3,708,000. In 2004 the couple purchased 16-acre land just next to their estate. The house is fit for a star like him. 

Liam Neeson's charity works

Neeson is not only a talented actor but also a philanthropist. The actor was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2011. He works for the welfare of children. Neeson partnered with UNICEF to launch the “End Violence Against Children” campaign that is an awareness initiative that aims to mitigate and eventually eradicate the bullying and abuse of children.

[ CAPTION: Liam Neeson with children of Syria ][ SOURCE: The Columbian ]

The actor has also supported  American Foundation for AIDS Research,  PeacePlayers International, Ireland Funds and many more. He is a humanitarian and has worked for many noble causes.

The actor is currently busy working on his upcoming movie Widows. Despite being part of the industry for more than forty-one years, the actor is still active and popular. So, his net worth is estimated to increase in coming years.