Natalie Portman Who Returned To Saturday Night Live Reveals Her 100 Sexually Harassed Stories In Hollywood

Natalie Portman has returned to Saturday Night Live (SNL) with a depraved existence rap. In a recent issue, Portman also revealed that she has 100 stories of sexually harassed while in Hollywood.


 In SNL Portman will be casting in the role of Eleven. Portman as a character claims to have secrets powers and move things with her mind power. Every time she uses her power her nose bleeds. In fact, every cast in the series possesses some kind of supernatural power.

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While it looks like Portman needs her supernatural power in her real life so that she can fight back at the moment of sexually harassed. The topic pops up as she admitted “I went from thinking, “I don’t have a story” to “Oh, wait, and I have 100 Stories.

Academy Award winner star revealed her unacceptable and scary moment with Porter Magazine. Portman further added we took these things simple, granted and a process part.

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“She recounts an incident with a producer at his private plane where she has to share a single bed but when she said this does not make me comfortable things changed”. She was not assaulted.

She told it was not okay neither acceptable I was really scared.  Along with her story, she wants to cover all other woman facing such worse moments.