This man looked just like Natalie Portman and people are freaking out over it.

A teenager by the name of Clyff took the internet by a storm with his uncanny resemblance to the famous actress Natalie Portman.

"About a year ago, my sister was browsing through family photo albums and she sent me a school picture of me from the beginning of sixth grade—I was 11, I sent the photo around to my friends, but thought nothing of it. A roommate spotted the resemblance and doctored the side-by-side photo that caused a storm on Reddit earlier this week. "We were all shocked at how similar I looked to Natalie Portman at that age."

Although the resemblance was already clearly seen, it became more famous after Clyff’s girlfriend Shannon Welch posted it in her Reddit account.

Spoiler Alert: Not Natalie Portman

The teenage resemblance to the actress is very creepy as he looks more like Natalie Portman when she was young than herself. According to him, he was often mistaken for a girl when he young and was quite embarrassed by it.

"I was embarrassed by how feminine I looked then, I vividly remember going to a P.F. Chang's with my mother and sister and having the waiter approach the table and say, 'How are we doing ladies?'”

Now, Clyff is 24 and the similarity has faded with age but this Natalie Portman look alike still wishes that he still looked like Natalie.

"Unfortunately—I wish I still looked like her

The resemblance is no more.