Narcos Teaser released, Diego Luna And Michael Peña new faces of Season 4

December 20, 2017 by Eimly

Netflix' Crime Drama, Narcos released it's season 4 short trailer. And brace yourselves guys, Michael Peña and Diego Luna will star the upcoming season. 

It's the second collaboration between Peña and Luna, as Luna previously cast Peña in his 2014 English language directorial debut “Cesar Chavez” as the civil rights leader who co-founded the United Farm Workers Union. Know new about Narcos.

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Diego Luna And Michael Peña in Narcos season 4

The third season finale for Narcos seemed to suggest, Pedro Pascal or Micheal Pena was retiring, after becoming too overwhelmed with the cartel work he’s been doing as that work shifts to Mexico. But he is back again back in season 4.


Micheal Peña's recently featured in superhero movie Antman and is preparing for its upcoming sequel. He also gave his marvelous performance in Collateral Beauty, War on Everyone and much more.

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On the other hand, Diego Luna recently starred in Rogue One and in Flatliners. Now, both the star will be giving their performance in upcoming Narcos season 4.