How much is Jessica de Gouw's net worth? Learn about her salary, career, and awards

Jessica de Gouw is best known for her role in television series ‘Arrow’. You must also know her as 'Elizabeth Hawkes' from the TV series ‘Dracula’. So how much is this Australian actress’s net worth? Keep on scrolling if you want to know her worth, salary, career as well as awards.

There is a story behind every successful person. In the same way, we also have a story of Jessica about how she started her career and reached such a huge success. We will also let you guys know how much she has earned so far and estimated how much she will be earning in coming years.

Jessica de Gouw’s net worth

Firstly, let us make you guys aware of how rich Jessica De Gouw actually is. The talented Australian actress’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. She has done a great progress in her life since the start of her adulthood.

A picture of Jessica de Gouw A picture of Jessica de Gouw, Source: Daily Mail

Recently Jessica revealed to ‘The Daily Telegraph’ that,

Most actresses hope to play someone like Ren at least once in their career

She explained how other actresses hope to play someone like her character. She further explains why she couldn’t say no to a role in the new film, ‘OtherLife’. This movie was shot between five weeks of her time in her hometown of Perth. Hence, as this news is recent, it also explains that Jessica would be adding some bucks to her bank account from this film.

Jessica De Gouw’s career and awards

Later in her life, Jessica moved to Sydney to have a greater opportunity for acting roles. She started appearing in a number of TV series mostly starring as a guest. She debuted in the film Kath and Kimderella in the year 2012. She kept on moving to places for her career. She moved to Los Angeles in the year 2012 and recurred in a role in action-adventure series, ‘Arrow’.

Her number one series is ‘Dracula’ as Mina Murray which came out in 2013. The series lasted 10 episodes and later NBC announced on 2014 that the show will not be renewed for another season. In that series, Oliver Jackson Cohen was her work buddy whom she decided to spend rest of her lives with. They met while starring at Dracula and started dating since 2013.

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Jessica De Gouw is a successful as well as rich Australian actress who has reached a huge success in her life. Although she has not received any awards yet, she has already been nominated for several awards. Let’s hope that she continues her hard work and continues to be successful.