Actor Oliver Jackson Cohen, age 29, and girlfriend Jessica De Gouw, dating since 2013, are getting serious??

Actor Oliver Jackson Cohen, aged 29, and his hot girlfriend Jessica De Gouw, who started dating each other since 2013, might already getting serious about their relationship according to our sources. 

The insider, who claims to be pretty close to the lover duo, revealed that the love affair between Cohen and his Dracula co-star Gouw, which started as a fling, has already turned into a rather serious relationship. The source gave us the exclusive details about this hot and happening couple’s romantic life and their further plans for the future. 

The informant said: “Oliver and Jessica’s affair started out as a fling. But now, things have become pretty intense in their relationship. This lovely couple has begun taking their relationship seriously and they are seriously in love.”

The reliable insider further added: “Oliver and Jessica hooked up after they met on the sets of Dracula. It was simply a fling and nothing was serious between them. But now that they have been together for almost two years, things have started changing. 

“Neither of them had thought that their affair would last for such a long time, but it did. And now that they know each other quite intimately, they have decided to take their romance into another level.”

The gossip monger spilled the beans on what the much in love pair might be doing in the near future. They revealed: “By next level, I don’t mean they will get married right away. But I can guarantee you an engagement is on the way.” Say what??!!

Wow! Now that’s a great piece of news, isn’t it? 

Well the tale-bearer further stated that the Hollyoaks star and his girlfriend were thinking of exchanging rings pretty soon, which means they will be engaged to marry any time now. 

“They have made plans of an engagement and as far as I know, they might soon be engaged within the first half of this year,” said the source. 

And when asked about their wedding plans, the gossip monger hinted that they might either get married in the latter half of the year or earlier next year. 

We are pretty sure that, all of their fans are more than excited for their soon to be engagement and for their wedding. We hope that the couple soon lets us know when ring the wedding bells will be ringing (wink).

The English actor and model started seeing the Australian actress after starring in the NBC TV series ‘Dracula’ together. Cohen portrayed the role of Jonathan Harker, a gauche journalist who is desperate to climb the ranks of aristocracy. His future wife played the character of Mina Murray, Harker’s fiancée and a medical student as well as the reincarnation of Dracula's long-dead wife. 

Cohen, who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars.