MSNBC Anchor Alex Witt and husband Bill Sorensen clear up rumors about trouble in their married life

The MSNBC anchor Alex Witt is a famous woman who has established her named as "controversial queen" in American media Industry. However, many of celebs rumors turn out to be a fake. Well, There are rumors about MSNBC Anchor Alex Witt and husband Bill Sorensen relationship.

In spite of several allegation and accusations, Alex has still managed her personal life. In recent days She works as the host of MSNBC show Weekends with Alex Witt.But her personal life doesn't seem quite smooth as there were some troubles in her marriage.

Alex Witt and husband Bill Sorensen married life

Ale Witt is married to the TV producer Bill Sorensen and if the gossips were to be heeded, they were apparently desperate to move on. But both Witt and her husband Sorensen clarified that that was fake. The two had apparently been dating for some time before her boyfriend turned into his lifelong partner.

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While talking about their first met and how they fell in love with each other, it's still kept as a  mystery. But it's sure that they dated for a long time before finally deciding to get married.

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Once the pair were in limelight because of their separation rumors but later on, Alex Witt and husband Bill Sorensen mentioned it wrong and told that their married life is going well and even they don't have any arguments between each other.

Moreover, the couple is blessed with two beautiful children a daughter  Caroline and a son Charlie. 

More about Alex Witt

Alex Witt was actually born in the beautiful city of Paris, France. However, she grew up in Hancock Park, a posh neighborhood situated on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Her father is a noted thoracic surgeon whose profession is based in Los Angeles.

Witt went to the Marlborough School for her early education in Los Angeles and then continued her studies at the University of Southern California. There, she majored in journalism and international relations. And not surprisingly, has based her career in the sector.

There were rumors that Alex Witt's husband had a debt $65000 with an interest of 7.5%. During those struggling time, Alex never failed that her husband would not pay the debt. 

Actually, after all those rumors did not get the proof, those rumors vanished into thin air. Till the date, there is no any information regarding the debt of the couple ever broadcasted in the media.

To chart the family tree, she is a second cousin to George Washington through a link between Bailey Washington. Witt is also a very active member of the National Society of Washington Family Descendants.

We wish  Alex Witt and her family all the very best for their future and let's hope the couple will face any problem in their married life. Soo we will be back with other celebs personal and professional life till then keep supporting.